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  1. What kind of bacteria is C diff?
    spore forming gram (+) anaerobic bacillus
  2. Which 2 classes of antbx are most assoc w/ C. diff?
    clindamycin and fluroquinolones
  3. What are risk factors?
    age >65 y/o, IBD, immunocompromised, PPIs, recent GI surgery, ileus, antiperistaltic meds, stay in ICU/long term care
  4. Can you kill the spores?
    resistant to high heat, ETOH hand sanitizers, UV light, and cleaning chemicals
  5. What are usual initial sx?
    watery diarrea, nausea, fever, lower abd pain/cramping. +/- mucus in stool, usually no blood
  6. How to dx?
    gold std: cell culture cytotoxic assay. Other: enzyme immunoassay, PCR
  7. how to treat initial episode for mild-moderate?
    Metronidazole 500 mg PO TID 10-14 days
  8. how to treat initial episode for severe?
    Vancomycin 125 mg QID PO 10-14 d. If hypotension/shock/megacolon, both!
  9. How to treat a 1st recurrence? 2nd?
    • 1st: same as initial episode
    • 2nd: Vanco
  10. How is C diff usually transferred from person to person?
    fecal-oral or thru fomites
  11. What are S&S of fulminant/pseudomembranous colitis?
    high volume, foul smelling diarrhea (15-30 qd), may be bloody,leukocytosis, fever, hypoalbuminenmia, hypotension, rising Creatinine
  12. Which drug for tx is associated w/ neurotoxicity and hence shouldn't be used for recurrent recurrences?
    metronidazole (Flagyl)
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