Vocab #5

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  1. Amnesty
    Pardon for an offense against the government

  2. Autonomy
  3. Axiomatic

    Taken for granted
  4. Blazon
    To publish or proclaim widely
  5. Caveat
    Warning ot caution to prevent misunderstanding
  6. Equitable
    Fair, just
  7. Extricate
    Free from difficulties
  8. Filch
    To steal in a sneaky way and in petty amounts
  9. Flout
    To mock
  10. Fractious
    Tending to be troublesome; quarrelsome
  11. Precept
    A rule of conduct or action
  12. Salutary
    Beneficial, helpful
  13. Scathing
    Bitterly severe; causing great harm; harsh
  14. Scourge
    To whip, punish severely

    Cause of affliction or suffering; a source of severe punishment
  15. Sepulchral
    Pertaining to a tomb or burial
  16. Soporific
    Tending to cause sleep
  17. Straitlaced
    Extremely strict in regard to moral standards
  18. Transient
    Lasting only a short time
  19. Unwieldy
    not easily carried because of size
  20. Vapid
    Dull, uninteresting
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