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  1. 214 IO 29s11 What does DO look for when reveiwing an access warrant?
    DO ensure warrant signed by Supreme Court judge and has not expired
  2. 214 IO21s03 When is smoking permitted in sidewalk cafes with no roof?
    In an area no larger than 25% of the total outdoor seating capacity, at least 3 ft away from the non smoking outdoor area, where the area is clearly marked as a smoking area
  3. 214-01 When can NYPD commense a "Padlock hearing proceeding"?
    2 or more seperate arrest incidents ofr publi nuisance offenses, resulting in 1 criminal conviction, have been made within a 12 month period prior to the commencement of such a proceeding (a triggering arrest should be made w/i 30 days prior to the issuance of Notice of Hearing)
  4. 214-01 What does the padlock law authorize the PC to do?
    Order the discontinuance of the illegal activity for up to 1 year and/or order the closing of the premises for up to 1 year
  5. 214-01 When does CO submit a list of new public nuisance premises? to who?
    1st day of month to PSB thru channels
  6. 214-01 What must be included for each location of new public nuisance, the CO submits to PSB on the 1st day of each month?
    1) 1 year arrest history and 2) padlock ID sheet
  7. 214-01 Where does CO notify if there is a status change for a targetted premise of padlock law location?
  8. 214-01 Where are all OLBS's fwd to when an arrest is effected at a public nuisance location by command personnel?
  9. 214-01 How many pages per premise served with a padlock closing order is allocated in a padlock log?
  10. 214-01 What is affixed to 1st page of each corresponding 10 pg section in the padlock log?
    PC's order
  11. 214-01 What is the 1st entry CO makes in "Padlock Log" for premises concerned?
    The fact that padlock closing order or dicontinuance order was posted
  12. 214-01 Who does CO notify when padlock closing order or discontinuance order is posted?
    NOtify Legal Bureau
  13. 214-01 How long must padlock closing order or discontinuance order be posted before being enforced?
    5 business days
  14. 214-01 What must assigned supervisor indicate in remarks column of "padlock log"?
    Whether padlock closing order or discontinuance order is still posted
  15. 214-01 Where does assigned supervisor immediately notify if a violation of discontinuance order is suspected and an arrest cannot be effected?
  16. 214-01 Where and when does CO submit a quadruplicate report indicating number of visits made to padlock premise number of violations observed, # of summonses and arrests for violations of hte PC's padlock or disc., other arrests and # of times necessary to report padlock closing order?
    Each Monday for previous Sunday to Sat. (inclusive) to PSB through channels
  17. 214-02 If community police supervisor determines if a location is appropriate for inclusion into Narcotics Eviction Program, where do they forward all related info?
    Respective county DA's office, Attn: Narc Eviction Program Coordinator
  18. 214-03 According to Admin Code 10-117.2 , what is the max reward for info leading to the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person who violates Admin Codes provisions regarding graffiti vandalism?
  19. 214-03 If graffiti vandalism arrest was made pursuant to a radio run what must DO do?
    Obtain SPRINT, attach with arrest paperwork and give to CO
  20. 214-03 Where does CO forward recommendation of graffiti reward to?
    Chief of Dept
  21. 214-05 When is an Aux PO considered elegible for assignment of undercover for aulity of life enforcement?
    Upon recommendation of SOL and after receiving proper training by the Borough, Vice Enforcement Unit and Aux Police Section
  22. 214-05 When does SOL direct pct Aux coordinator to fwd a list of selected Aux PO volunteers for U/C assignment to Borough Aux coordinator and Aux Police, Training Unit?
    Semi Annually (5th day of Jan and July)
  23. 214-05 Where does pct Aux coordinator fwd a list of selected Aux PO volunteers for U/C assignment?
    Borough Aux coordinator and Aux Police Training Unit
  24. 214-05 Where does SOL prepare and fwd report to for each operation in which an Aux PO is used as an U/C?
    Borough Aux Coordinator
  25. 214-05 Where does SOL notify immediately to remove an Aux Police volunteer from list of U/C assignment if there is a status change?
    Borough Aux Police Coordinator, Vice, Aux Police Section
  26. 214-06 When should homeless outreach Unit Supv be requested to respond by a UMOS?
    • 1) EDP and acting in manner likely to result in SPO
    • 2)ACute medical condition (request EMS)
    • 3) Intox
    • 4)Repeat encounter
    • 5) Arrest or Sumons
  27. 214-06 If a homeless Outreach Unit Supv is unavailable after being requested who will be requested to respond?
    ESU Supv via SOD radio freq
  28. 214-06 If homeless outreach Supv and ESU supv are unavailable who will be requested to respond?
    P/S from pct of Occ
  29. 214-07 Where does CO/designee fwd CFLA package to daily?
    HB Spec Ops Sect Attn: CFLA coordinator
  30. 214-08 What is considered a chronic abuser alarm?
    3 or more alarms w/i a 3 month period
  31. 214-08 When can a pct Crime prevention officer prepare and personally serve termination notice-Chronic Alarm Loc to ID's premises?
    Only when directed by pct CO
  32. 214-08 How does CO approve service of Termination Notice (chronic alarm abuser)?
    By personally signing original and duplicate of Notice immediately above "Delivery Endorsment" section. Sign "abuser alarm Loc Notice" and transmittal letter
  33. 214-09 How often does DO assign a UMOS to inspect taxi and limo padlock locations?
  34. 214-10 What are areas where posting signs or unauthorized?
    gutter, lamppost, telephone pole, or tree w/i the boundaries of a public street or highway
  35. 214-11 When can P/S effect arrest, issue summons or seize obscene material or enter into the private area of stores or other premises with obscene material displayed?
    With specific direction of hte Legal Bureau
  36. 214-12 When can Pct CO confer with Legal Bureau personnel regarding initiation of civil action through the Corp Counsel regarding unlawful eviction?
    When it has been determined that a continuous pattern of unlawful eviction activity exists at a particular location
  37. 214When can you arrest for a padlock closing order?
    • 1) sign posted and person present
    • or
    • 2) No sign, verbally told and refuse to leave
  38. 214-01 Who can give approval for owner/person wishin to enter a premise with a closing order?
  39. 214-01 Where are padlock closing or discontinuance orders available from?
    Legal Bureau
  40. 214-02 LBB 14#8 When can we break into an apt ot let a tenant re enter?
    When there is medicine inside vital to life
  41. 214-13 When can a a)search warrant be executed? b)arrest warrant, c)warrant of eviction?
    • a)Search Warrant: within 10 days of issuance 0600-2100 (unless night order)
    • b)Arrest Warrant: Any day, any time
    • c)Warrant of eviction: M-F 0800-1700
  42. 214-14 According to the driveway tow program who notifies SPIS of car being towed?
    DO pct where car was towed from
  43. 214-02 Where does the CPU supv send paperwork for the narcotics eviction program?
    DA's office Attn: program coordinator
  44. 214-06 How many vans with 2 PO's should be on Patrol for Homeless Outreach?
  45. 214-12 Where does the complint info go on a summons for unlawful eviction when the summons is modified because the UMOS was nto the witness?
    • Complaint info on Left margin on rear of summons (Name address phone #)
    • I personally observed crossed out
  46. 214 How often must a supervisor officer visit a padlock or discontinuance order location?
    1x per tour
  47. 214-03 What shoudl the TS advise a complaintent of graffiti , eligiable for the reward program?
    Instruct compl. to call DCCA during businness hours after 30 days
  48. 214-09 How often does a UMOS conduct an inspection of premises that TLC padlocked?
  49. 214-08 Who does the DO always fwd the copies of Notice of Unnecessary alarm to?
    Crime prevention officer
  50. 214-08 Who personally reveiws and verifys that the pct has a file copy of Notice of Un. Alarm for every location listed on the Abuser Alarm Location Notification?
    Ops Coordinator
  51. 214-15 When should DO send an RMP to a location for the ananymous Controlled Substance program?
    When amount is believed to be Felony
  52. 214-03 What does the Do do with graffiti arrest paperwork?
    radio Run jobs get SPRINT printout and give all paperwork to CO
  53. 214-13 What is a tenant charged with if he/she refuses to leave an apt during an eviction process? What if tenant re-enters apt after eviction coplete?
    • Dont leave" OGA
    • Re enters: Crime trespass
  54. 214-07 Who qualifies for a case for legal action program?
    • NYCHA resident 16 or > AND
    • 1) Arrest by search warrant & contraband is recovered
    • 2) felony narc including MJ
    • 3)"ARAB CAR" Assault 1, Rob 1/2, Arson a/2/3, Burg 1, Crim sex act 1, Agg sex abuse 1, Rape 1 & all firearms and murder 1/2
  55. 214 Where does the AO for a case for legal action forward all paperwork to?
  56. 214-14 Where does DO notify for each vehicle removed under the driveway tow program?
  57. 214-14 Where is the location of the storage facility for a car towed for driveway tow program recorded?
    In CL by DO when rotow was not used
  58. 214-14 What is considered a reasonable service fee to release a car connected to any apparatus for removal regarding the driveway topw program?
  59. 214-14 How long does non ro tow company have to notify the local pct covering place of removal of a driveway tow?
    Within 30 minutes of the vehicles arrival at the tow operators storage facility
  60. 214-15 What is in the code phrase DO gives caller for anonymous controlled sustance program?
    Pct designation and a letter and random 3 digits
  61. 214-15 When should DO instruct person to call command and obtain analysis results for anonymous controlled substance program?
    7 working days
  62. 214-15 Where does CO have resultsd of analysis from anonymous drup program entered?
    In CL, in margin next to original entry
  63. 214-17 Where are entries made regarding vacant buildings? Who makes them?
    Highway conditions reports by TS
  64. 214-18 What is CO looking for when reveiwing vacant locations and hazaradous conditions record periodically?
    Note locations and hazardous vacant buildings added since previous reveiw
  65. 214-19 If OS determines a commercial premise can be secured with padlock and chain who should they request response of?
  66. 214-20 Where does CO request assistance of to immediately repair location damaged during forced warrant entry into wrong premise?
    Notify Operations Unit and request assistance of Building Maintenance Section personnel
  67. 214-20 What does CO include in notification to Operations Unit for immediate repair of location damaged during faorced warrant entry into wrong premise?
    • 1) Description of damage to be repaired and
    • 2) Whether a Dept locksmith, glazier or carpenter will be required
  68. 214-21 Where does DO record notifications from Safe Horizon?
    Telephone record
  69. 214-21 Who should DO have escort Safe Horizon DV Victim still cohabiting with thier batterer?
    Crime prevention Officer or Pct DV if available, if not a UMOS
  70. 214-22 When is weekly street conditions survey conducted?
    By RMP's on 2nd platoon each Sunday and reported on Weekly Street Conditions Survey report (Prepare "Weekly street conditions survey report report" in duplicate)
  71. 214-22 Where does Traffic Safety Officer forward 2 copies of "Missing Traffic Control Device"?
    Dept of Transportation/Borough Engineer
  72. 214-22 If a street condition cannot be resolved where does CO submit a 49 to ?
    Chief of Dept describing condition and action taken
  73. 214-23 To who does DO report facts of unreasonable noise to ?
  74. 214-23 Who can give UMOS permission to forcible entry into private or semi private premises to correct noise complaints?
    CO/Duty Capt only as a last resort
  75. 214-23 What are some factors CO/Duty Capt should considere when making decision to forcibly enter a premise with a sound reproduction device?
    1) Time of Day, 2)# of complaints, 3) Type of neighborhood, 4) ambient noise level of the area can only forcibly enter after requests to stop the noise have been ignored
  76. 214-24 What should be entered as time of violation on ECB for vehicle alarms?
    The end of the 3 minute observation period
  77. 214-25 What does DO check if UMOS is attempting to locate a vehicle owner who's alarm has been activated?
    "Motor Vehicle Alarm File"
  78. 214-25 When can UMOS issue a summons for a building alarm?
    If not detactivated with in 15 minutes
  79. 214-27 When can a UMOS issue summons for snow not being removed?
    4 hrs after snow stiops falling
  80. 214-28 Who is notified for an on or off street meter repair?
    • On Street: Contractor
    • Off Street: Dept of transportation
  81. 214-29 How long does owner have to pick up NYS platesremoved from a derilict vehicle?
    Within 5 days
  82. 214-29 Where does DO send report (UF 50) if owner of a derilict vehicle fails to pick up plates from pct within 5 days?
  83. 214-30 When can a UMOS remove NYS Lic plates from vehicle that has expired registration?
    When vehicle is unregistered more than 2 months after expired reg
  84. 214-34 Where does CO ensure "Police action Licensed/Unlicensed premise: is fwd to direct and copy?
    • Direct: CO, Vice (with copy of summons and original affidavit of sale of alcohol if prepared
    • Copy: NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs, and Pct CO where premise located
  85. 214-35 When will a caller to TS with quality of life complaint be told to call 311 direct?
    When there is a referral to another city agency
  86. 214-35 Who does ICO confer with when conducting investigation of 311 assignments?
    SOL, DO and CO
  87. 214-35 Who is allowed to access anonymous 311 caller ID?
    CO, XO and SOl
  88. 214-05 Where does Pct Cond Unit/Boro Vice Supv fwd the R/C a U/C APO signed in on?
    Fwd RC to Boro Aux Coor and Pct Aux Coor of Pct of Assignment
  89. 214-05 Where do photo's of APO and photocopy of ID card (taken on day of enforcement) get filed?
    Both gets filed in perp's arrest folder
  90. 214-34 (IO18s11) If it is necessary to take police action in premises lic or unlic where alcohol is sold, who does UMOS call to scene? if unavailable?
    P/S, if unavailablecontact DO
  91. 214-34 When does P/S mark "add'l copy for "Dept of Consumer Affairs" on the "Police Action Lic/Unlic Premise"?
    If arrest involves a cabaret, public dance hall, catering establishment, bowling alley
  92. 214-18 IO18s11 When should a UMOS notify OCCB's FOD in regards to police action in a premise licensed/unlicensed where alcohol is sold?
    When a premise is selling alcohol without a liquor license or operating after hours
  93. 214-01 What unit coordinates the identification of target locations and priorities?
    Chief of Dept
  94. 214-01 What should CO include with submission of new padlock law locations to PSB?
    Include 1 yr arrest history and Padlock ID Sheet (Must include sufficient information to ID location)
  95. 214-01 Where does CO enter notification to Legal Bureau when Padlock or Discontinuance Order has posted?
    Telephone Message Log
  96. 214-03 If a civilian is present at a Dept Facility to report an act of graffiti vandalsim where does T/S call?
    Graffiti Hotline
  97. 214-03 If CO is recommending an arrest for the graffiti reward program where should a 49 be sent through channels?
    Chief of Dept
  98. 214-07 Where does A/O fwd all paperwork regarding a case for legal action program?
  99. 214-08 How is the daily Abuser Alarm notification list given to commands?
  100. 214-08 How does Crime Prevention Officer serve an original copy of Notice of Unnesessary Alarm to a qualified person that was not served at time of job?
    Next business day
  101. 214-12 If an evicted person is unable to get temporary housing where are they refered to?
    Dept of Social Services, Emergency Assistance Unit
  102. 214-22 When does Ops Coord ensure the weekly street conditions survey report was reviewed and appropriate agencies are notified?
    each Monday
  103. 214-22 Who signs and files the Highway Cond Record and Weekly Street Cond Rpt (original)?
    DO, 2nd Platoon Monday
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