vocab test 4

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  1. impregnable
    strong enough to resist or withstand attack
  2. impugn
    to challenge as false
  3. inauspicious
    not auspicious, unfavorable
  4. incipient
    beginning to exist or appear
  5. incisive
    penetrating or cutting
  6. incorrigible
    bad beyond correction or reform
  7. indecorous
    violating generally accepted standards of good taste
  8. indefatigable
    incapable of being tired
  9. innocuous
    not harmful or injurious, harmless
  10. inscrutable
    incapable of being investigated
  11. insipid
    without distinctive, interesting qualities
  12. intonate
    to utter with a particular tone of voice
  13. intractable
    not easily controlled or directed
  14. intrinsic
    belonging to a thing by its very nature
  15. inveigh
    to protest strongly or attack with words
  16. inveterate
    settled or confirmed in a habit, practice, feeling
  17. irascible
    easily provoked to anger, very irritable
  18. jettison
    to cast overboard in order to lighten in an emergency
  19. juncture
    a point of time
  20. juxtapose
    to place close together or side by side
  21. laconic
    using few words
  22. lampoon
    sharp satire directed against an individual
  23. largess
    generous gifts
  24. lassitude
    weariness of body
  25. lethargy
    state of being drowsy
  26. lithe
  27. lurid
    horrible, gruesome
  28. malevolent
    wishing evil or harm to others
  29. maudlin
    tearfully emotional
  30. meander
    proceed by or take a indirect course
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