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  1. National Defense Service Medal

    Awarded to anybody who serves on active duty during times of national emergency.
  2. Which wars have awarded the National Defense Service Medal?
    • The Korean War
    • The Vietnam War
    • The Gulf War
    • The Global War on Terrorism
  3. The Global War on Terrorism

    Awarded to soldiers who have performed active duty for 30 days consecutively or 60 days non-consecutively in a designated anti-terrorism operation
  4. Which operations award the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal?
    • Operation Enduring Freedom
    • Operation Noble Eagle
    • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  5. The Army Service Ribbon

    Awarded to soldiers who have completed IET
  6. What do the many colors of the Army Service Ribbon represent?
    The entire spectrum of military specialties in which officers and enlisted soldiers may enter
  7. The Army Achievement Medal

    Awarded to soldiers for outstanding achievements and meritorious service. Primarily given to soldiers under the rank of E-7 and O-4

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