Unit 2 - It takes all sorts

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  1. it takes all sorts
    hay de todo; para gustos, colores
  2. a scholar
    • becario
    • estudiante
    • estudioso: Se was a famous Latin scholar.
  3. to trace
    localizar, seguir: Most scholars trace Venice's Carnival to the 15th century "Compaigne della Calza".
  4. to prompt
    provocar, urgir: Her letter prompted an angry reply.
  5. prompt
    rápido, puntual: Their prompt action saved her life. She was prompt in answering the letter.
  6. to catch on
    • hacerse popular, tener éxito
    • caer en la cuenta: He finally caught on.
  7. to spawn
  8. the last word in...
    el ejemplo más reciente, el último grito en...
  9. state-of-the-art
    punta, puntero: She's got a real state-of-the-art hi-fi.
  10. quaint
    pintoresco, curioso, anticuado: It was regarded as a quaint folk festival.
  11. to look on sth as...
    tener algo por..., parecer algo...: They look on our customs as quaint.
  12. to linger
    persistir, tardar en desaparecer: The smell of garlic lingered for several days.
  13. to mock
  14. mock
    de mentira, simulado
  15. to deceive
    engañar: I was deceived into thinking they would be there.
  16. Lent
  17. debauched
    libertino, licencioso
  18. slack
    flojo, destensado, relajado: We always have a slack period at the beginning of February.
  19. wintry
  20. to pile
    amontonar: The table was piled high with papers.
  21. to pile into
    • entrar en
    • subir a (vehicle)
  22. to dazzle
    deslumbrar, impresionar
  23. an ensemble
    conjunto (de ropa)
  24. reputedly
    según se dice: They reputedly own four houses in Beverly Hills.
  25. raucous
    escandaloso: We heard raucous laughter coming from the bar.
  26. to relay
    transmitir, dar un mensaje
  27. to clash
    • estar en conflicto
    • no pegar, desentonar
    • coincidir
    • sonar (cymbals)
  28. a cymbal
  29. to hurl
    arrojar, lanzar
  30. a bead
    cuenta, abalorio, gota
  31. to hail
    • llamar: She hailed a taxi.
    • aclamar, saludar: He was hailed as a hero.
  32. to hail from
    ser natural de
  33. to wrinkle
  34. a wrinkle
  35. to trim
    cortar (fur, grass), recortar (budget)
  36. to douse /daus/
    apagar (fire) con agua, mojar
  37. to smother
    sofocar (fire)
  38. to slaughter
    matar, masacrar
  39. a slaughter
    matanza, masacre
  40. a slaughterhouse
  41. a manslaughter
    homicidio (término legal)
  42. to startle
    asustar, sobresaltar
  43. to soak /seuk/
  44. a pole
    poste, mástil
  45. a thistle
  46. prickly
    • espinoso (plant)
    • con púas (animal)
    • de mal humor (person)
  47. a barn
  48. a wreath
    corona de flores, espiral
  49. straw
  50. pitch
  51. an invigilator
    persona encargada de supervisar un examen
  52. a foreman
  53. altogether
    • completamente, del todo: I'm not altogether convinced. She's given up painting altogether.
    • en general: Altogether, her exam results were very good.
    • en total: That's fifty pounds altogether.
  54. throughout
    • durante todo: She suffered from asthma throughout her life.
    • por todo, en todo: His music is known throughout the world.
    • todo el tiempo: The rain continued throughout.
    • en todas partes: The hotel has been refurbished throughout.
  55. to assure
    asegurar: You won't be disappointed, I assure you.
  56. to ensure
    asegurarse de: Please ensure that the door is locked.
  57. a decay
    decandencia; caries
  58. to decay
    pudrirse, cariarse
  59. to bar
    prohibir, impedir el paso o la entrada: Alcohol is barred at the concert. She barred the children from the shop.
  60. a hazard
    riesgo, peligro: The waste from the factory is a health hazard.
  61. a jeopardy
    peligro: His career is in jeopardy.
  62. to deflect
  63. a ward
    un tipo de provincia en el Reino Unido
  64. to ward off
    • prevenir (disease)
    • rechazar, resguardar de (attack): They were thought to ward off witches.
  65. to avert
    • apartar (gaze)
    • evitar (catastrophe)
  66. to salvage
    salvar, recuperar: We managed to salvage a few photos from the fire.
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