group behavior

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  1. a group is
    collection of ppl who interact n share common goals
  2. interdependence occurs when
    any action by 1 member will affect or influence others
  3. attitude
    predispostion to respond in particular ways toward specific things
  4. operant conditioning
    ppl receive praise, approval or acceptance for expressing certain attitudes
  5. classical conditioning
    can help form attitudes automatically
  6. compliance
    change of behavior to avoid discomfort or rejection n gain approval
  7. identification
    seing yourself as similar to another person n accepting attitudes of others as ones own
  8. internalization
    incorporating the values, ideas n standards of others as part of oneself
  9. counterattitudinal behavior
    process of taking a public position that contradicts ones private attitude
  10. stockholm syndrome
    situation where a person is taken hostake then falls for person who kept them
  11. deindividualism
    ppl who lose all awareness of their individuality n hand themselves over to mood of the crowd
  12. prediction that prompts ppl to act in ways that make it come true
    self fulfilling prophecy
  13. someone diffuse responsibility to someone else
    social loafing
  14. gang
    group that establishes an assemblage and share a common identity
  15. terrorism
    type of psychological warfare thats aimed to isolate indivudual from group
  16. terrorism vs criminals/gangs
    motivation by a political agenda
  17. 4 idealogies of terroism
    • -next attack may be to you
    • -undermine sense of security n disrupt everyday life
    • -drive public opinion to pressure politicans
    • -population becomes a fuel
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