Offenses Against the Public (ORC 2917)

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  1. Knowingly engage conduct to urge/incite another to commit offense when:
    - Conduct creates clear and present danger
    - Conduct proximately results in the commission of any offense of violence
    Inciting To Violence (2917.01)
  2. Division A:
    - 4 or more persons of disorderly conduct
    - purpose to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony
    - purpose to commit or facilitate the commission of any offense of violence
    - offender or participant has knowledge under his control, uses, or intends to use deadly weapons or dangerous ordinance
    Division B:
    - inmate in detention
    - violate aggravated riot or riot
    - purpose to commit or facilitate the commission of any offense of violence
    Aggravated Riot (2917.02)
  3. Division A:
    - 4 or more people
    - purpose to commit misdemeanor, other than disorderly conduct
    - intimidate public official to make or refrain from action
    - hinder, impede, or obstruct orderly process of administration, instruction, educational institution, interfere/disrupt lawful activities
    Division B:
    - 4 or more people
    - purpose to do act unlawful force or violence
    - even act may be lawful
    Riot (2917.03)
  4. - 5 or more persons
    - course of disorderly conduct
    - other people in vacinity create a likelihood of physical harm to persons or property or serious public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm and
    - law enforcement officer or public official orders to dispurse
    - knowlingly fail to obey order of officer or public officer
    Failure to Dispurse (2917.04)
  5. Division A:
    - Recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm another by:
    a. engaging in fighting, threatening harm to persons/property or turbulent beharior
    b. making unreasonable noise, offensive coarse utterance, gestures, or display, communicating grossly abusive language to persons
    c. insulting, taunting, challenging others under which to provoke a violent response
    d. creating condition physically offensive to persons which presents risk of physical harm to persons/property

    Division B:
    - involuntarily intoxicated in a pubic place in the presence of 2 or more persons and
    a. engage in conduct likely offensive or cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to persons of ordinary sensibilities, should know is likely to have that effect on others if sober
    b. engage in conduct that presents a risk of physical harm to property/persons
    - Misdemeanor 4
    a. conduct persists when warned
    b. committed in the vicinity of a school or school safety zone
    c. committed in presence of law officer, firefighter, rescuer, or other authorized persons engaged in duties for emergencies OR any emergency facility, person engaged in emergency duties
    Disorderly Conduct (2917.11)
  6. With purpose to prevent or disrupt:
    - do anything which obstructs or interferes with conduct, procession, or gathering of meeting
    - make utterance, gestures, or displays which outraes the sensibilities of group
    Disturbing a Lawful Meeting
  7. Knowingly:
    - hamper lawful operation of any law enforcement officer, firefighter, or other authorized person engaged in duties
    - hamper lawful activities of emergency personnel engaged in duties
    - fail to obey lawful order of any law enforcement officer in duties at the scene of emergency
    Misconduct at an Emergency
  8. Division A:
    - make a telecommunication
    - permit telecommunication under persons control, to another, if the caller:
    a. fails to identify self to recipient
    b. makes telecommunication with purpose to harrass or abuse any person at the premises
    c. describes, suggests, requests, or proposes to engage in sexual activity

    Division B:
    - make telecommunication
    - cause telecommunication to be made
    - permit telecommunication to be made from a device under offender's control
    - with purpose to:
    a. abuse
    b. threaten
    c. harrass
    - another person
    Telecommunication Harrassment
  9. - cause evacuation of a public place
    - cause serious public inconvenience or alarm
    a. initiating or circulating reports of fire, explosion or crime knowing it is false
    b. threaten to commit any offense or violence
    c. commit any offense with reckless disregard and will cause public inconvenience or alarm
    Inducing Panic (2917.31)
  10. - initiate or circulate a report/warning of fire, explosion, crime, or catastrophy
    - knowing it is false and cause public inconvenience or alarm
    - knowingly cause
    - false alarm of fire or emergency
    - to be transmitted to
    a. public or private organization
    b. dealing with emergency
    c. risk of physical harm to persons/property
    - report to law enforcement agency
    - alleged offensee or other incident
    - knowing such did not occur
    Making False Alarms (2917.32)
  11. without priviledge to do so manufacture, possess, sell, deliver, display, use, threaten to use, attempt to use, conspire to use, or make readily accessible to others a hoax WMD with the intent to deceive or mislead one or more persons that the hoax WMD will cause terror, bodily harm, or property damage
    Unlawful Possession or Use of a Hoax Weapon of Mass Destruction
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