Native American Test

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  1. Sassacus
    grand sachem of the pequots
  2. where was the pequot fort located?
    groton-near new london-fitch high
  3. Captain Stone
    Killed by the Nehantics-an outshoot of the Pequots for reasons unknown. a huge trigger for the pequot war.
  4. Peace negotiations with the pequots
    pequots don't want to form a treaty with the Narragansetts. Narr are already have an alliance with the English
  5. Massachusetts Bay-Pequot treaty:
    • to hand over Stone’s murderersto
    • pay indemnity of �250 sterling in wampum
    • cede Connecticut lands to trade with the English
    • to have peace negotiations with Narragansetts mediated by the English.
  6. Pequot decision to the MA Bay-Pequot treaty proposal:
    object to the indemnity and arguing that Stone’s murderers were all either dead or beyond their reach.
  7. John Winthrop
    Governor of CT Colony 1636
  8. what was the deal with john oldham?
    • Narr kill oldham.
    • oldham was on his way back from trading on the CT river.
    • Gallop sees Oldham getting killed
    • English blame the pequots for murdering Oldham (EXCUSE)
    • Narr then turn around and blame the Pequots too!
  9. What English General goes to Block Island to find the Pequots?
    • Endicott
    • wants to kill the pequots as punishment
    • asks Lion Gardiner (general of fort saybrook) for help
    • eventually finds the pequots but they are able to escape unharmed
  10. Pequot's chance to avoid war with the english:
    • try to negotiate peace with the narr but the english get word before negotiations can take place.
    • english get Roger williams to persuade the narr to not make peace
  11. Attack on Fort Saybrook:
    • Siege continues intermittently for months.
    • Mohegans help the English protect the fort
    • Capt. Mason helps Gardiner defend the fort
  12. Miantiamo
    Sachem of the Narraganssett
  13. Mason decides to attack Pequot harbor
    • Mason leaves Hartford with 90 colonists and 60 Mohegans under Uncas to attack Pequot fort Sassacus, on Pequot Harbor.
    • English and their allies approach Sassacus's Pequot Harbor fort.
    • They decide to attack fort at Mystic instead. English and allies arrive at Mystic at night and make camp (porters rocks)
  14. Fate of the Pequots:
    • Sassacus wants to cont. fighting but his tribesmen dont support him.
    • the english are determined to kill off the pequots--genocide.
  15. Stoughton goes on a massacre expedition
    • english trap pequot warriors in a swap
    • capt. patrick and stoughton lead this attack against new haven fort--near a swamp
    • narr are harboring pequots and the english say they just want to check it out but instead massacre the entire fort
  16. sassacus escapes
    goes to the pequots ancient enemy the mohawks for help but they decline him and kill him.
  17. 4 things that ultimately happen to the pequots:
    • 1. people die
    • 2. some people try to assimilate into other tribes
    • 3. put into slaverly on the island
    • 4. taken captives by the mohegans and the Narr.
  18. Narr and Mohegans after the Pequots
    • Miantiamo and Uncas meet in a field prepared to fight
    • uncas beats miantiamo
    • narr chief is startled but cant run too far because of armor.
    • mohegans catch narr chief eventually
    • Mohegans give Miantiamo to the British
    • Brits give Miantiamo back and the Mohegans kill him
  19. Who killed Miantiamo?
    • Uncas's brother kills Miantiamo with a hatchet to the head so uncas doesnt have to get blood on his hands
    • uncas DOES eat Miantiamo's flesh, however.
  20. Were there people that visited the Americas before columbus?
    • probably
    • we know this because of artifacts such as coins and tools that predate 1492
    • Pottery from japan found in south america
    • rocks in norwich
  21. gifts of the white man:
    • slavery
    • disease
    • cow
    • horse
    • gun
    • booze
  22. gift of the cow
    destroys the forests indians hunt from for pasture land
  23. gift of the horse
    • positive aspects: transportation easier, hunting
    • negative aspects: war because people can now invade other peoples lands
  24. Gifts from the Natives to the Whites
    • tobacco
    • corn
    • wood craft
    • fur
    • potato
  25. Miles Standish
    military leader of the pilgrims
  26. thomas westin
    • village idiot who sets up a settlement and is a terrible leader. he steals from the indians during the winter because he has no forethought.
    • asks helps from standish to go to the indians
    • standish and westin go to the leader of the MA Bay indians, kill him, and cuts his head off.
  27. relationship with the pilgims
    • took 50 years until 1671 when Wamsatta decides that hes foing to sell land outside of plymouth
    • the colonists get mad because they want that land for themselves
  28. english's response to wamsatta's decision: Metacoms Rebellion/ King Phillips War
    • capture wamsattas brother and force him to say that his brother, metacom is trying to take over new england
    • they need an excuse to kill the indians
    • metacom gets word of the english's lie and decides to attack them
  29. King Phillips War
    • Metamcom attacks 52 settlements
    • starts when an indian breaks into an abandon house--straw that breaks the camels back
    • metacom asks for help from the Narr
    • metacom wins
  30. Great Swamp Fight
    • Metacom and his tribe take shelter with the Narr.
    • the brits hear that they are hiding at the Narr fort and decide that they are going to "check" on the fort
    • instead they surround the fort, and kill 100s of Narr-basically wiped out
    • Metacom escapes
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