Critical Thinking CH4

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  1. Continuum of knowing (Believing and knowing)
    • 1. Beliefs that you know are inaccurate and unjustified.
    • 2. Beliefs that you are not sure are accurate and justified.
    • 3. Beliefs that you know are accurate and justified.
  2. When you say that “you know” something you mean at least two different things: (Believing and knowing)
    • 1. I think this belief is completely accurate.
    • 2. I can explain to you the reasons and evidence that support this belief.
  3. (Believing and knowing) part C
    Remember, you can believe what is not so, but you cannot know what is not so.
  4. Knowledge and truth
    • A. Critical thinkers have a responsibility to engage actively in the learning process and participate in developing their own understanding of the world.
    • B. Authorities often disagree about the true nature of a given situation or the best course of action, thus, CT’s must:
    • 1. Analyze and evaluate all the information.
    • 2. Develop their own well-reasoned beliefs.
    • 3. Recognize when they do not have enough beliefs.
    • C. Criteria for evaluating beliefs:
    • 1. How well do my beliefs explain what is taking place?
    • 2. How do these beliefs relate to other beliefs I have about the world?
    • 3. How well do these beliefs enable me to predict what will happen on the future?
    • 4. How do the reasons and evidence support my beliefs?
    • 5. How reliable is the information on which my beliefs are based?
    • D. Beliefs must be falsifiable
    • 1. State the conditions under which the belief could be disproved.
    • 2. A belief that is not falsifiable can never be proved and is therefore of questionable accuracy.
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