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  1. OPR: 01
    Use of Force
  2. OPR:02
    Intelligence Collection
  3. OPR:03
    Domestic Violence Investigations
  4. OPR:04
    Automated External Defibrillator
  5. OPR:05
    Spike Belts and Stop Sticks
  6. OPR:06
    Line & Staff Inpections Policy
  7. OPR:07
  8. OPR:08
    Vehicle Pursuits
  9. OPR:09
    Residency Requirements
  10. OPR:10
    Compliance Operations
  11. OPR:11
    Analytical Services
  12. OPR:12
    Exposure Control Plan
  13. OPR:13
    Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team
  14. OPR:14
    Wearing Protective Vests
  15. OPR:15
    Premise Inspections with Insp Form
  16. OPR:16
    Vehicle/Sticker Decals
  17. OPR:17
    Evidence/Property Handling
  18. OPR:18
    Crash Reconstruction
  19. OPR:19
    Use of Recording Equipment
  20. OPR:20
    DPS Criminal Enforcement Unit
  21. OPR:21
    State Police Search and Recovery Team
  22. OPR:22
    State Police Tactical Team
  23. OPR:23
    Field Interviews & Pat Down Searches
  24. OPR:24
    Peer Officer Support Team
  25. OPR:25
    Shipment of Highway Route Controlled Amounts of Radioactive Materials
  26. OPR:26
    New Mexico Mounted Patrol
  27. OPR:27
    Citizens Encounters & Bias-Based Profiling
  28. OPR:28
    Foreign Nationals; Consular Notification and Access
  29. OPR:29
    Investigations of Use of Force Deadly Incidents
  30. OPR:30
    Critical Incidents, Special Operations and Homeland Security
  31. OPR:31
    Telecommunications Policy with Manual and Radio Log
  32. OPR:32
    State Police Emergency Response Team
  33. OPR:33
    Arrest with Booking Report
  34. OPR:34
    Patrol Operations
  35. OPR:35
    Impact Operations
  36. OPR:36
    Vehicle Towing & Inventory
  37. OPR:37
    Release of Public Information
  38. OPR:38
    Juvenile Enforcement
  39. OPR:39
    Crimianl Investigations Policy
  40. OPR:40
    Crime Scenes with Guidebook
  41. OPR:41
    Traffic Code Enforcement Operations
  42. OPR:42
    Search and Seizure
  43. OPR:43
    AMBER Alert
  44. OPR:44
    State Police Bomb Team
  45. OPR:45
    Traffic Crash Investigation
  46. OPR:46
  47. OPR:47
    Interaction with Person Suspected of Suffering with Mental Illness
  48. OPR:48
    Digital Cameras with Processing Log
  49. OPR:49
    Aviation Section & Operation with Time/Speed Chart
  50. OPR:50
    Missing Persons Investigations
  51. OPR:51
    Investigation of Persons Suspected of DUI
  52. OPR:52
    Lineups, Show-ups, and Photographic Identification
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