JS32 Yellow CAPs

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    Fault detected in the corresponding fire detection system.
  2. O/TEMP
    • Cabin air supply has exceeded 90C.
    • Trigger: 90C overheat temperature switch in the supply duct after the water separator.
    Bus tie contactor is open.
  4. BAT
    Associated battery contactor is open.
  5. GEN
    Associated generator contactor is open.
  6. INV
    • Successful transfer has occured after failure of an inverter.
    • Trigger: switching of either AC Transfer Relay sends power to the yellow INV cap light.
    Fuel filter is being bypassed.
  8. AC ESS
    • 115V AC ESS Bus has failed.
    • Trigger: loss of power to the 115V AC ESS bus fail relay.
  9. DUCT
    • Bleed air leak detected in the associated main gear well.
    • Trigger: 135C temperature sensor in the wheel well.
  10. W/S
    Windshield is not being heated. If intermittent: the normal temperature controller has failed.
    Starter/generator is energized as a starter.
  12. SRL
    Associated SRL is off, failed, or RPM is less than 80%.
  13. BETA
    • Sufficient oil pressure is available to command full reverse.
    • Trigger: 385 PSI oil pressure switch.
  14. AC MAIN
    115V AC Main Bus has failed.
  15. STALL
    Associated stall system is off, failed, or the pusher has been inhibited.
  16. AIR OFF
    • Overpressure has been sensed in the supply duct downstream from the flow control valve, a signal has been sent to close the ESOV.
    • Trigger: 108 PSI pressure switch.
  17. HYD
    Hydraulic pressure has exceeded 2300 PSI.
  18. SERIES
    Batteries are connected in series for engine start (1st internal start at 10% plus 2.5 seconds).
  19. FUEL
    Fuel pressure less than 20 PSI. OK during ground ops (15 PSI minimum).
  20. REV
    Power levers entering the reverse range.
  21. EMER LTS
    Roof panel emergency lights switch is OFF, or it is ARMed and the vestibule switch is ON. (Power is available to charge the emergency lights but they aren't being charged).
  22. HORN
    Gear warning horn is inhibited.
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