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  1. Nas/o or rhin/o
    Combining form meaning nose
  2. Sin/o
    Combining form meaning sinus
  3. Pharyng/o
    Combining form meaning pharynx
  4. Laryng/o
    Combining form meaning larynx
  5. Epiglott/o
    Combining form meaning epiglottis
  6. Trache/o
    Combining form meaning trachea
  7. Bronch/o or bronchi/o
    Combining forms meaning bronchi
  8. Alveol/o
    Combining form meaning alveoli
  9. pneum/o or pneumon/o or pulmon/o
    Combining form meaning lung(s) or air
  10. sept/o
    Combining form meaning septum
  11. para-
    Prefix meaning near
  12. -al
    Suffix meaning pertaining to . . .
  13. -pharynx
    Suffix meaning pharynx
  14. or/o
    Combining form meaning mouth
  15. ot/o
    Combining form meaning ear
  16. -ologist
    Suffix meaning specialist
  17. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation
  18. rhin/o or nas/o
    Combining form meaning nose
  19. -rrhea
    • Suffix meaning abnormal discharge or flow
  20. -plegia
    Suffix meaning paralysis
  21. -spasm
    Suffix meaning sudden involuntary contraction
  22. a- or an-
    Prefix meaning without
  23. phon/o
    Combining form meaning sound or voice
  24. -ia
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  25. dys-
    Prefix meaning bad or painful
  26. -rrhagia
    Suffix meaning bleeding
  27. pleur/o
    Combining form meaning pleura or side of the body
  28. -isy
    Suffix noun ending
  29. -dynia
    Suffix meaning pain
  30. -thorax
    Suffix meaning chest
  31. hem/o
    combining form meaning blood
  32. -ptysis
    Suffix meaning spitting
  33. py/o
    Combining form meaning pus
  34. atel/o
    Combining form meaning incomplete or imperfect
  35. -ectasis
    Suffix meaning stretching or enlargement
  36. coni/o
    Combining form meaning dust
  37. -osis
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition or disease
  38. anthrac/o
    Combining form meaning coal or coal dust
  39. asbest/o
    Combining form meaning asbestos
  40. byssin/o
    Combining form meaning cotton dust
  41. silic/o
    Combining form meaning glass (or sand)
  42. eu-
    Prefix meaning good, normal, well or easy
  43. -pnea
    Suffix meaning breathing
  44. Brady-
    Prefix meaning (abnormally) slow
  45. Tachy-
    Prefix meaning (abnormally) rapid or fast
  46. hyper-
    Prefix meaning excessive
  47. hypo- or hyp-
    Prefix meaning decreased
  48. -ventilation
    Suffix meaning breathing

    NOTE: Combining form is ventilat/o & means exposing to air or fan
  49. ox/o or ox/i or ox/y
    Combining forms meaning oxygen
  50. cyan/o
    Combining form meaning blue
  51. capn/o
    Combining form meaning carbon dioxide or a sooty, smoky appearance
  52. -emia
    Suffix meaning blood
  53. -scopy
    Suffix meaning direct visual examination
  54. poly-
    Prefix meaning many
  55. somn/o or somn/i
    Combining forms meaning sleep
  56. -graphy
    Suffix meaning the process of recording
  57. spir/o
    Combining form meaning to breathe
  58. -meter
    Suffix meaning to measure
  59. anti-
    Prefix meaning against
  60. tuss/i
    Combining form meaning cough
  61. -ive
    Suffix meaning performs or tends toward
  62. endo-
    Prefix meaning within
  63. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal
  64. -plasty
    Suffix meaning surgical repair
  65. -otomy
    Suffix meaning surgical incision
  66. -ostomy
    Suffix meaning surgically creating a (permanent or temporary) opening
  67. lob/i or lob/o
    Combining forms meaning well-defined part of an organ, such as of the lung, liver, brain, or thyroid gland.
  68. thor/a or thorac/o or thoracic/o

    * = Ask before test if not verified elsewhere - book shows thora/o in chapter & thor/a in affix & root appendix
    Combining forms meaning chest or thorax
  69. -centesis
    Suffix meaning to surgically puncture to remove fluid (may be for diagnosis or treatment or both)
  70. Otolaryngologist (or otorhinolaryngologist)
    1. Also known as an ENT (ear, nose, & throat) physician

    2. Has specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of dieases and disorders of the ears, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck.
  71. Pulmonologist
    Physician who specializs in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorder of the lungs and associated tissues.
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