history 14.3-14.4

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  1. The Republican Party nominated _____ _______, former governor of california, as their candidate for President to oppose Jimmy Carter
    Ronal Reagan
  2. Ronald Reagan told the people that he wanted to return America to her traditional ________ values and to end the killing of _______ children. He emphazised the need for America to rebuild its ________ and to take a strong stand against ___________ in the world.
    Christian, unborn, defenses, Communism
  3. Who was the "Great Communicator"?
    Ronald Reagan
  4. The attempt to return America to the traditional values of church, family, and free enterprise became known as the ________ ________.
    Reagan Revolution
  5. He believed in stopping Communism before it could attack and enslave a country-an idea which became know as the _______ ______.
    Reagan Doctrine
  6. The first woman justice ever appointed to the high court.
    Sandra Day O'Connor
  7. Communism is a very ______ _______ system which gives its workers little incentive to work hard or become more skillful.
    inefficient economic system
  8. The "______ _____" as Ronald Reagan called it, was collapsing economically because of the weakness of its own Communist system and because America (under Ronald Reagan) had stood up to __________ aggression.
    Evil Empire, Communist
  9. President Reagan visited the city of West Berlin and challenged the Soviet leader Mikhail ________ to tear down tne Berlin Wall. The Berlin wall was what separated free West Berlin from Communist East Berlin
  10. Gorbachev was especially alarmed by the program known as the ________ ______ _______ (SDI or "Star Wars"), a system of space-age weaponry designed to destroy enemy missile warheads in flight.
    Strategic Defense Initiative
  11. Desperate to save the ______ ______ from complete collapse, Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to reduce Soviet weapons strength, to free the enslaved nations of __________ ________, and to stop encouraging the revolution and bloodshed throughout the world.
    Soviet Union, European Nations
  12. The Soviet plan which means "restructuring"
  13. The American people overwhelming elected Reagan's Vice President, ________ __ ____ ______ to the Presidency in 1988. He promised to continue the job that Ronald Reagan had begun.
    George H. W. Bush
  14. In August 1990, _________ ________ the dictator of Iraq, invaded the tiny, oil-rich kingdom of _______.
    Sadam Hussein, Kuwait
  15. Once President Bush had obtained the support of Congress, Operation ______ ______ (later called the _______ Gulf War) began.
    Desert Storm, Persian
  16. Bush placed General _____ ____ in command of Operation Desert Storm. He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and second in military command only to the President
    Colin Powell
  17. Because Powell had to remain in Washington, D.C., General _______ _________ was appointed to lead the troops into combat. He inspired great devotion and bravery in his men.
    Norman Schwarzkopf
  18. For the first time since World War II, the U.S. Congress followed the wise counsel of a _______ _______.
    military commander.
  19. Within a few days, Kuwait had been _____ and ________ had retreated to a bunker in Baghdad.
    liberated, Hussein
  20. Most of the former Soviet republics agreed to join together in a loose organization called the __________ of ________ _______.
    Commonwealth of Independent Nations
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