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  1. Anticipation
    • an‧tic‧i‧pa‧tion [uncountable]1 when you are expecting something to happen
    • Ожидание
  2. Carnage
    • car‧nage [uncountable] when a lot of people are killed and injured, especially in a war:
    • Кровавая бойня
  3. Defy
    • to refuse to obey a law or rule, or refuse to do what someone in authority tells you to do
    • Игнорировать
  4. Exuberant
    ex‧u‧be‧rant1 happy and full of energy and excitement:
  5. Furor
    a general outburst of enthusiasm, excitement, controversy, or the like. 2. a prevailing fad, mania, or craze. 3. fury; rage; madness.
  6. Haunting
    haunt‧ing sad but also beautiful and staying in your thoughts for a long time
  7. Repertoire
    • rep‧er‧toire [countable usually singular]1 all the plays, pieces of music etc that a performer or group knows and can perform
    • Репертуар
  8. Solitary
    • sol‧i‧ta‧ry1 [only before noun] used to emphasize that there is only one of something
    • Одинокий
  9. Soothe
    • soothe [transitive]1 to make someone feel calmer and less anxious, upset, or angry
    • Успокаивать
  10. Unassuming
    • un‧as‧sum‧ing showing no desire to be noticed or given special treatment
    • Скромный
  11. Cherished
    • cher‧ish [transitive]1 if you cherish something, it is very important to you
    • Лелеемая
  12. Comeback
    • come‧back [countable usually singular]1 make/stage a comeback if a person, activity, style etc makes a comeback, they become popular again after being unpopular for a long time:
    • Возвращение
  13. Promote
    • to help something to develop or increase
    • Способствовать
  14. Resonating
    • res‧o‧nate [intransitive]1 if something such as an event or a message resonates, it seems important or good to people, or continues to do this
    • Резонирующий
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