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  1. what is a hormone
    chemical thats released in the blood n travels to a target organ or tissue
  2. functions of a hormone
    • -reproduction
    • -growth n development
    • -regulation of metablism
    • -mobilization of body defenses
    • -maintence of homeostasis
  3. 2 kinds of hormones and target cells
    • -steroidal; enter nucleus to produce a protein
    • -non-steroidal; binds a receptor on the cell membrane
  4. 3 differences btw type 1 and 2 diabetes
    • -type 1: early onset, insulin never produced, in children
    • -type 2; gradual onset, insulin produced but not used correctly, in adults
  5. what are anabolic steroids n what they do to body
    synthetic hormones that are modeled after testosterone, help muscles grow n interfere with messages sent to body
  6. addison's disease
    hyposecretion of adrenal gland that doesnt have enough hormones released in blood, turns skin bronze
  7. cushing's syndrome
    hypersecretion of adrenal gland that too much hormone is released, abs gain fat and arms legs stay same
  8. problems faced with endocrine system as we get older
    the endocrine glands decrease their output of hormones
  9. most common disorders
    thyroid problems and diabetes
  10. what causes menopause
    lack of estrogen secreted by ovaries
  11. glands that send hormones to specifc sites
    endocrine glands
  12. made up of 3 groups, amines proteins and steroids
  13. the master gland
    pituitary gland
  14. hormone that regulates metablism n uses iodine
  15. pituitary dwarfism
    too little GH produced
  16. stimulates n maintains milk production from childbirth
  17. stiumates follicle/sperm development in ovaries/testes
    foliicle stimulating hormone
  18. triggers ovulation and stimualates testosterone production in males
    luteinizing hormone
  19. causes milk ejection
  20. stimulates water reabsorption by kidneys
    antidiuretic hormone
  21. to produce thyroid hormones.. the body needs
  22. if the body isnt getting enough iodine..
    the gland cant produce thyroid hormone and results to a goiter
  23. the occurance of hypothyroidism receives condtion called
    myxedema (weight gain, hair loss, slow pulse, low body temp)
  24. graves' disease;
    -eyes protrude in eye sockets
  25. mineralocroticoids are mainly
  26. mineralocroticoids regulate
    mineral content in blood, water n electrolyte balance
  27. sex hormones in males/females
    • -androgens
    • -estrogen
  28. estrogens;
    • -stimulate development of 2nd female characteristics
    • -help maintain pregnancy
    • -prepare breasts to produce milk
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