AP World- Ch. 26 Questions

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  1. In the eighteenth century, unlike the Manchu dynasty of China, the Ottoman Empire
    was in full retreat
  2. Which statement concerning the impact of the West on other civilizations is most accurate?
    By the end of the nineteenth century, the West was the primary cause of the destruction of other global civilizations.
  3. Which European power seized territories of the Ottoman Empire in the early decades of the eighteenth century?
  4. In the later 1700s, Russia
    became the main threat to the Ottoman's survival
  5. Which state first successfully achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire?
  6. Why did the British attempt to prop up the Ottoman Empire in the face of other European nations' desire to destroy it?
    Britain feared that the Russians would successfully establish a port on the Mediterranean.
  7. The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II
    successfully eliminated the Janissary corps as a military and political influence.
  8. In what year was the revised constitution introduced as part of the Tanzimat reforms?
  9. The Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid
    ttempted to roll back the Tanzimat reforms and restore an absolute monarchy.
  10. The Society for Union and Progress
    led the rebellion that overthrew Sultan Abdul Hamid.
  11. The Napoleonic invasion of 1798 signaled the demise of whose rule in Egypt?
    the Mamluks
  12. In1811, which ruler had succeeded in establishing his dominance over Egypt?
    Muhammad Ali, an Albanian officer in the Ottoman army
  13. Which statement most accurately describes the relationship between Egypt and the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Muhammad Ali?
    Muhammad Ali invaded Syria and thus flouted the authority of the Ottoman Empire.
  14. Ahmad Orabi was
    the Egyptian army officer who led a revolt against the Khedival government in 1882.
  15. What nation intervened militarily in Egyptian affairs in 1882?
  16. The Mahdist revolt in the Sudan was crushed at what battle?
  17. Which statement concerning the Manchu government is most accurate?
    Though Manchus occupied a disproportionate number of the highest political positions, there were few limits on Chinese promotions within the imperial bureaucracy.
  18. What was the impact of the British opium trade on China?
    Within years China's favorable balance of trade was reversed and silver began to flow out of the country.
  19. What rebellion was clandestinely supported by the Qing imperial court under Cixi?
    the Boxer rebellion
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