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  1. Prerequisites for Industrialization
    • large labor supply
    • investment capital
    • supportive government
  2. 18th Century Origins
    • expanding Atlantic economy
    • fluorishing English agriculture
    • effective central bank and credit system
    • stable and predictable government
    • mobile rural wage earners
    • Fundamental nature was adaptation and change
    • Continuous adaptation is a permanent revolution
  3. Impact of the Industrial Revolution
    • excess farm workers move to cities
    • Exploitation of natural resources
  4. Richard Arkwright and James Hargreaves
    • Arkwright: Water Frame
    • Hargreaves: Spinning Jenny
    • combined waterpower, new machinery, semi-skilled labor, and a new raw material (cotton) to create mass produced thread
    • these combined to make Britain the largest producer of textile products in the world until mid-1800s
  5. James Watt's Steam Engine
    • did not actually invent the steam engine
    • what he did invent was the pressure relief valve which allows safe operation of the steam engine without the explosion of boilers
  6. Significance of the steam engine
    • requires a specialized facility for its use near a ready source of coal
    • changed the location of factories, freeing the factory to be located in the most economical location, instead of near the closest water supply
    • this meant that they could be built near population centers, where there was a ready labor force to work the machines and produce the goods
  7. The Crowning Invention: Railroads
    • the world's first railway line ran from Manchester to Liverpool, almost 35 miles
    • the first locomotive was "The Rocket"
    • Revolution in land transportation resulted in lower prices for transportation and goods
    • Laborers shift to the city and factories
  8. Culture changes produced from railroads
    • leisure time
    • changes in needs for education
  9. The industrial Revolution on the continent
    • Industrialized in a different pattern than Britain
    • Industrialized later in eastern Europe
    • Entered industrialization at an advanced stage
    • railraods and banks were instrumental
    • child labor was commonplace
    • delayed industrialization is far from automatic:
    • competition from cheap British goods
    • complicated technology
    • expansive technology
    • shortage of laborers
    • Authorities suspicious at first
  10. Labor Discipline
    • fines
    • low wages
    • corporal punishment
  11. Four Primary Reasons which may be sited in population growth
    • decline in death rate
    • an increase in birth rate
    • the virtual elimination of the dreaded plagues
    • an increase in the availability of food
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