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  1. Suppression Minimum staffing?
  2. Suppression Minimum staffing for B-1?
  3. Suppression Minimum staffing for B-2?
  4. Suppression Minimum staffing for B-3?
  5. Suppression Minimum staffing for B-4?
  6. Rescue minimum staffing?
  7. Rescue minimum staffing for B-1?
  8. Rescue minimum staffing for B-2?
  9. Rescue minimum staffing for B-3?
  10. Rescue minimum staffing for B-4?
  11. City minimum staffing(not including alarm room)?
  12. Overtime will be paid to the nearest?
    1/10th hour or 4-6 minutes.
  13. What is the OT minimum?
    4 hours if called in
  14. When is an employee considered AWOL?
    If not at work within 2 hours after start of shift
  15. If AWOL for 3 consecutive days, equals?
    automatic resignation
  16. Call time for OT for next day?
    2000 night before shift
  17. Call time for OT for night shift?
    1400 same day of
  18. Order of who to call for OT?
    • 1. call 24 hr sign ups
    • 2. split shift into 10/14 and recall
    • 3. on duty FF upgraded, then fill FF slot
    • 4. FF at spot is held over
  19. Alarm room minimum staffing?
  20. When are FLSA forms due?
    within 6 days after end of FLSA period
  21. T/F Flex/Comp time does not count against 16 slots for vacation?
  22. Can Flex/Comp time used in place of sick leave personal?
  23. How many weeks of FMLA allowed?
    12 weeks
  24. FMLA eligibility?
    must have worked at least 52 weeks; 1250 hr prior to FMLA
  25. Entered into sick leave management plan step 1 when?
    • 67-83.99%
    • required to submit P-30 for SL
  26. Entered into sick leave management plan step 2 when?
    • 84-99.99%
    • -all step 1, plus P-3 could be denied
    • -no modified light duty
    • -must report to commander
  27. Entered into sick leave management plan step 3 when?
    • 100% and above
    • -EMP
    • -no comp time, trades, transfers, OT
    • -may be placed on LWOP
    • -fit for duty exam
    • -no UV
    • -no bid for one year
  28. How many vacation slots per day allowed?
    16 total, only up to 4 paramedics(QI doesn't count)
  29. How much military leave allowed?
    528 hrs paid
  30. Size of union bulletin board?
    5 ft from ground, 4x6 ft in size
  31. Sick leave accumulation:
    -56 hr
    -42 hr
    -40 hr
    • -2160
    • -1512
    • -1440
  32. Shift trades must be repayed within how many days?
  33. Max comp time accrual?
    480 hrs
  34. How much is tempory upgrade?
    8% increase in pay
  35. What % does the city pay of health benefits?
  36. 5 types of building construction?
    • Type 1- Fire resistive
    • Type 2- Noncombustible
    • Type 3- Ordinary
    • Type 4- Heavy timber
    • Type 5- Wood frame
  37. What PSI is a fog nozzle set at?
    100 PSI
  38. BLEVE?
    Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion
  39. What is LUNAR stand for?
    • location
    • unit ID
    • name
    • assingment
    • resources needed
  40. Define risk management
    the process of minimizing the chance, degree or probability of damage, loss or injury
  41. List and briefly describe the 3 factors that influence a persons ability to act safely
    training, health and attitude are the 3 factors that influence safety
  42. List and describe the external influences that can affect safety equipment design and purchase
    • -OSHA regulations
    • -NFPA standards
    • -NIOSH, ANSI and 

    all influence depts by the regulations and requirements set forth
  43. Describe 4 qualities of a well written procedure
    • -firefighters follow it
    • -good writing
    • -simple language
    • -clear outline
    • -clear direction, easy interpretation
  44. Explain the difference between the formal and informal processes
    • -Formal processes are WRITTEN procedures followed by fire dept.
    • -Informal processes are operations that are routine and AREN'T WRITTEN
  45. How are monetary costs associated with firefighter injuries and death paid for
    Workers Compensation

    NCCI-National Council on Compensation Insur

    each state has an experience modifier formula to pay WC

    NCCI rate X payroll X experience modifier

    experience modifier based on (3) years lost experience
  46. What was the significance of the William Stieger Act
    • -was signed or passed by congress in 1970, which created OSHA
    • -gives equal rights and responsibilities to employers and employees with respect to safe working conditions
  47. List and discuss the NFPA standards related to the incident safety officer
    • NFPA 1500-Fire department occupational safety     
    •                 and health program
    • NFPA 1521-Standard for fire dept. safety officer
  48. Explain the history of todays safety officer in the industrial world as well as in the fire service
    -safety officers in the fire service began late 1800's and early 1900's as "wall watchers"

    -WWI and WWII brought the safety officer to the industrialized world with the inclusion of women in the work place
  49. What is the difference between an ISO and an HSO
    • ISO-Incident safety officer
    • command staff position responsible for monitoring and assessing hazards or unsafe conditions at the scene of an incident

    • HSO-Health and safety officer
    • manages fire depts safety and health programs
  50. What 2 factors can help in judging operational effectiveness at structure fires
    • -reading smoke
    • -reading buildings
  51. Discuss the relevance of risk taking on incident bench marks
    the ISO looks at tactical priorities and determines if the risk being taken match the dept pre-established risk taking criteria
  52. List the 3 ISO general duties that are applicable to all incident types
    • -monitor the incident 
    • -address personnel safety systems
    • -define other needs
  53. What is one of the biggest traps of linear thinking
    underestimating hazards
  54. What considerations should be considered in the design of a checklist
    • -simple column format
    • -easy to read in low light
    • -room for notes and diagrams
    • -easy to differentiate from other similar checklists
    • -a reminder area for PIAs
  55. When do you need a P-30 signed by a physician
    • -member in sick leave program
    • -member reporting off SKE, SKFM, SKI, SKH, SKU
    • -member reporting off for 3 or more consecutive shifts
  56. FF returning after 4 or more consecutive 24 hr shifts of sick leave must submit to?
    human resources department with a release from their personal physician
  57. What are the attack group objectives
    • -determine and verify fire floor of origin
    • -investigate, clear stairwells
    • -begin attack operations
  58. Where will RIT be assigned during high rise incidents
    • -resource division location
    • -secondary location is lobby division
  59. What 2 places will RIT be assigned for high rise operations
    • -IRIT fire floor
    • -4 person RIT two floors below fire floor
  60. Who signs P-30's for light duty
    Deputy chief of fiscal manager
  61. What are the responsibilities of the division above the fire floor
    one engine will evaluate conditions
  62. Who must approve employees on administrative leave
  63. When must the city business form for travel coordination be recieved
    • -3 weeks prior to travel
    • -75% of hotel and per diem paid in advance mailed to employee
  64. What is mileage reimbursement
    .325 cents, not to exceed round trip airfare
  65. CAO must approve travel for what
    3 or more travelers out of US travel and out of state travel with city vehicle
  66. How many vacation periods can members schedules
    5 periods
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