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  1. Если говорим о ситуации в наст.вр. и сожалеем, что оно происходит или не происходит, то уместно употреблять WISH (хотеть,желать). После него используем прошедшее время.
    очень жаль, что я не
    • WISH+Past Simple
    • I wish I had a car.
    • I wish I could go to the party.
    • I wish he came home early. или I wish he didn`t come home late.
  2. Если мы говорим о сит. в прошлом и сожалеем, используем WISH. После него исп. прошедшее перфектное время.
    • WISH+Past Tens
    • I wish she hadn`t injured her spine.
    • I wish he had focused his camera.
  3. WISH
    We use this constraction when we want change but we know it probably won`t soon.
    • Wish+subject+would
    • I wish you would clean the bath after you use it.
  4. Структура относиться к прошлому.За ним всегда следует 3форма глагола.
    might have - вероятно
    might have done
    • Billy might have hurt.
    • Билли вероятно поранился.
    • The students might have been nervous.
    • Студенты вероятно были взволнованы.
  5. might have to - вероятно придется
    • Shall we go out tonight?
    • I'd like,but I might have to have an early start!
    • Я с удов, но мне вероятно придется вставать рано.
  6. Структура относиться к прошлому.За ним всегда следует 3форма глагола.
    must have - должно быть
    • He must have missed the bus.
    • Он должно быть пропустил автобус
    • Betty quit. She must have found a better job.
    • Должно быть она нашла работу получше.
  7. Структура относиться к прошлому.За ним всегда следует 3форма глагола.
    should have - следовало
    • You should have dressed warmer.
    • Тебе следовало одеться теплее.
    • You shouldn't have told a lie.
    • Тебе не следовало говорить неправду.
  8. Unless = if not
    пока = если не
    (Past unreal conditions)
    Wouldn't have+have 3ф.гл.+unless(if not)+ hadve 3ф.гл.(без отрицания, т.к.unless - это уже отрицание)
    He wouldn't have run by without saying hello unless he had been in a hurry.
  9. If only...- если бы только...
    • If only we had had enough time! Then you would have certainly made your beds this morning. (4 кондишнл)
    • Если бы только .........тогда вы конечно же застелили постели
  10. That way - таким образом
    • I had problems at work, so I didn't show up for my class.
    • I wish I hadn't had problems at work. That way I would have shown up for my class.
    • Таким образом я бы показался в классе.
  11. I hope + inf.
    I hope I finish the work on time.
  12. insist that+pr.ind.
    настаивать на том, что бы
    My docror insists that I lose some weight. I must be much too heavy.
  13. Just in case- на всякий случай
    I decided not to give my Engl.students any homework thise weekend just incase they are tired of engl.grammar.
  14. Passive with "get"
    The money got stolen frome purse by the pickpocket.
  15. "Depend on......for"
    могу положиться на.......за ....
    I can always depend on them for good advice.
  16. however - однакоbesides- кроме того, помимо того
    after all - в конце концов

    • I went to bed early. However, I didn't get enought sleep. - Я лек спать рано, однако я не выспался.
    • Let's go home, it's getting late. Besides, I'm tired. - Идем домой уже поздно. Кроме того, я устал.
    • I'm not surprised he talks ambiguous. After all, he's a senator. - Не удивительно, что он говорит двусмысленно. В конце концов, он сенатор.
  17. the way+inf.+is/are

    • Tom is a casual dresser.
    • Tom dresses rather (довольно, скорее) , don't you think?
    • No. To be quite frank , I don't think the way Tom dresses is casuale at all.
  18. to make+obj.+adjective
    to make smn. do smth.
    • you make me laugh.- Вы заставляете меня смеяться.
    • It makes me angry. - Это меня злит.
    • It makes me hungry when we talk about food. - Я хочу есть(это заставаляет меня проголодаться)когда мы говорим о еде.
    • My mother always made me wash my hands before eating.
    • It makes me smile to see Marry baking cakes.
  19. although - хотя, несмотря на, если бы даже
    even though - хотя
    They are similar to "but"!
    I didn't put tomatoes in the onion soup, although I misunderstood the recipe.
  20. instead of +gerund/noun
    should have+instead of
    You should've used lots of greens instead of putting tomatoes in the inion soup.
  21. blame
    is/are to blame for Ving
    to blame smn. for smth.
    blame on+noun
    • John is to blame for eating both their salads.
    • Maria blamed John for eating both their salads.
    • G. DID forget to fill up the tank before we left,didn't he? That's why the empty tank was blame on him.
  22. fault
    be one's fault that smn....
    It's Johns fault that he ate both their salads.
  23. as long as - поскольку, при условии, до тех пор
    • You didn't fill up the tank before we left,didn't you?
    • No, but as long as we aren't out of gas, everything is ok.
  24. so/such...that
    • He was in a hurry.
    • He was in a such hurry that he didn't fill up the tank before we left.
  25. might as well-с таким же успехом, заодно
    We might as well go to the rose garden.=Why not go to the rose garden?
  26. instead of+gerund
  27. find it+adjective+to+verb
    The cook found it easy to stir up the batter.
  28. Future perf.tense
    исп. когда с точки отсчета в буд. Вы говорите о действии , к-е произойдет между наст. моментом вр. и этой точкой отсчета в буд.
    Take these pills, and twenty-four hours the paine will have gone.-примите эти таблетки, и в течение 24 часа боль уже уйдет.
  29. He makes a good.....
    I'm confident that James Forrest will make a good cook.
  30. in order to (for+gerund)
    He said he needed a pair of scissors in order to clip it.
  31. Force & Let
    • The boss is forcing me to switch to the night shift.
    • You mean he won't let you stay on the day shift?
  32. to get used to +gerund
    привыкать, процесс привыкания
    I guess I will never get used to my rommate always snoring at night.
  33. Used to
    to be used to
    привыкли, состояние привычки.
    • My secretary used to make spelling mistakes.
    • My secretary is used to make spelling mistakes.
  34. no matter
    No matter how hard the secretary tries, he still makes spelling mistakes.
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