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  1. 215-07 How old are truants?
  2. 215-07 After CO reveiws and signs Youth referrals where does CO return both copies to?
  3. 215-07 Where do names of special police, store detectives, school security officers etc go on youth referral?
    Under Name and Address of complaintent
  4. 215-08 How long does YO have to enter new Juvenile Report into online system?
    24 hrs
  5. 215-08 How often does Schoo L Safety Sgt reveiw and sign JR online system?
  6. 215-08 When should resident precinct school safety sergeant reveiw Juvenile Report Follow Up system if possible?
    Within 2 weeks of date on report
  7. 215-08 What does CO reveiw investigation of Juvenile Report for?
    1) Parent contact, 2) Type of aid rendered to parent and youth and 3) suitability of disposition
  8. 215-09 When must a juvenile be taken into custody and charged with Juvenile Delinquency?
    1) When act would be Felony if committed by adult, 2) Unlawful Assembly and 3) Photographable offenses
  9. 215-01 Who should DO assign to escort a child requiring shelter to shelter if ACS cannot provide transport?
    Female Officer if available
  10. 215-01 Who does DO provide a copy of aided if a child requiring shelter was left with a relative or friend not residing in household?
    YO in pct where child is located
  11. 215-03 When should UMOS notify ACS regarding removal of a child?
    • 1) child removed from house by police or
    • 2) an arrest is made in connection with the abuse or neglect of a child
  12. 215-03 If parent/guardian was not personally served Notice of temp removal of Child when must UMOS mail it?
    within 24 hrs
  13. 215-03 What is recorded if NYS Central Registry refuses ti accept a child abuse case? Where is it recorded?
    Time & Name of person contacted in Telephone Record
  14. 215-03 What info cannot be shared with ACS?
    • 1) Sealed records unless unsealing order by Supreme Court
    • and
    • 2) The ID of adult sex crime vict unless written approval
  15. 215-16 Where is Public School incident report sent and by who?
    Sent to SSD Borough by SSA III if they don't then Pct School Safetty Sgt sends
  16. 215-16 Who does pct school safety sergewant give copies of criminal incident report to?
    PIMS at Borough and Crime Analysis at precinct
  17. 215-16 What violations are recorded on the "School Safety Division Criminal Incident Report"?
    • "FTD HLM"
    • Fireworks
    • Trespass
    • Discon
    • Harassment
    • Loitering
    • Marijuana
  18. IO 21.06 What is the radio code for ACS request for assistance?
  19. 215-02 Who must DO notify for a lost child?
    • Missing Persons
    • Youth Officer
    • ACS if child not claimed in reasonable time
  20. 215-03 When are student Metro cards good to use?
    • 0530-2030
    • night school 1300-0100
  21. 215-13 Where do we call to find out the school of issuance for a student metrocrad?
    NYCT Fare Media Unit
  22. 215-13 If School personnel does not agree with P/S decision to arrest/cuff where do we refer them?
    Board of Ed and Legal Division
  23. 215-08 Who vouchers property taken from students or lockers?
    a) unlawful with arrest
    c) against DOE rules
    • a) unlawful with arres: Notify cmd, arrest, voucher
    • b) unlawful: Oct UMOS voucher
    • c) against DOE rules: Invoice as per DOE
  24. 215-11 For what locations can a UMOS summons in lieu of arrest if a child <16 or apparently <16 yrs old inside?
    Pool, Billiard parlors, Bowling alley
  25. 215-06 If a person >18 yrs old is stranded/lost requires shelter where do they get referred to?
    HRA's Emergency Assistance Unit
  26. 215 What is a JO?
    • MARS BAR MAK + Gun
    • Murder 1 & 2 + Att
    • Assault1
    • Rape1
    • Sodomy1
    • Burg 1 & 2
    • Arson 1 & 2
    • Rob 1 & 2
    • M
    • A
    • Kidnapping 1 Att
  27. 215-12 When is a 13 yr old a designated felon?
    • Murder 2
    • Att Murder 2/ Att Kidnap 1
    • Rape 1
    • Kidnap 1
    • Agg Sexual Abuse 1
    • Arson 1 & 2
    • Burg 1 & 2
    • Rob 1 & 2
    • Assault 1
    • Manslaughter 1
    • Sodomy 1
  28. 215-11 What must a UMOS include in details of a juvenile report when there is an arrest or summons of child in certain licensed premises?
    Parents occupation and statement of parents
  29. 215-13 When do we confiscate metro cards?
    • 1) legally possessed during the commission of a crime against transit or
    • 2) Illegally possessed
  30. 215-09 Where does "JO" go on OLBS?
    DAT serial number box
  31. 215-09 For JD where does DO send copies of Juv Arrest Investigation'/probation Intake Report worksheet?
    • DO sends copies to
    • Youth Officer
    • Youth Services Section
    • Place of detention if detained
  32. 215-09 Where does DO ensure all pertinent forms are faxed for an arrest of juvenile except JO?
    BCS attn: NYPD Fm Ct Liason
  33. 215-02 What is the 1st step a DO does when a UMOS has a lost child?
    Call missing person Squad
  34. 215-07 If a truant school is unknown where do we take them?
    Borough truancy Site
  35. 215-19 Who does DO notify for an abandoned infant/operation safe haven?
    Notify: Squad, Boroug, Operations, ACS IRT
  36. 215-03 What are the radio codes for Juveniles?
    a) DIR- no offense
    b) DIR - unfounded
    c) DIR- arrest
    d) DIR-61 prepared
    • a) 10-90 J (1)
    • b) 10-90J (2)
    • c) 10-92J
    • d) 10-93J
  37. 215 When can a 13 yr old be a JO?
    • Murder 2 sub1 - intend death and kill someone
    • sub 2- Deathly Reckless Murder
  38. 215-03 a) Who mails notice of child removal and why? b) Who mails of affidavit to who? c) SCAM report
    • a) Notice child removal: Cop mail to parent if they weren't present
    • b) Affidavit: DO to Family Ct in removal Borough
    • c) SCAM: DO to ACS in residence Borough
  39. 215-03 How does DO forward or file "Suspected Child Abuse Maltreatment" SCAM report?
    • Fwd Copy and worksheet = YO
    • Fwd copy and aided = Youth Division
    • File with DIR at command
    • Mail to ACS
  40. 215-10 Who notifies a parent or guardian for an arrest of a JO and JD?
    • JO= UMOS
    • JD= DO ensures they are notified by cop
  41. 215-02 What is the first step for an UMOS when they are at a scene of lost child?
    Notify DO and radio
  42. 215-13 Where does DO send the school transportation pass confiscation report?
    Send original with card to transit Patrol Operations
  43. 215-19 Who does the DO notify when an infant is abandoned or operation safe haven?
    • Sqd
    • Borough
    • Operations
    • ACS(IRT)
  44. 215-04 When does a warrant cop make a DIR for a Family Court Warrant for child abuse/neglect cases?
    Only if he executes the warrant
  45. 215-03 Where does DO mail SCAN report if child resides outside city or in a group home?
    ACS Manhattan
  46. 215-09/10 When does a cop call Copr Counsel for Juvenile?
    • Murder 2
    • Manslaughter 1 & 2
    • Rape 1
  47. 215-03 When can a Patrol Supervisor authorize removal of a child?
    • 1) Imminent Danger to kids life/health
    • 2) No time to get a court order
  48. 215-15 Where does the original copy of "School transport Pass confiscation report" and metro card get sent to?
    Transit Patrol Operations
  49. 215-13 Who does DO direct to verify that school of issue of a confiscated metrocard was notified?
    2nd platoon clerical next business day
  50. 215-13 What are the light colors that go off for transit?
    • Green: Cop/Transit Employee
    • Red: Senior/Handicap
    • Amber: Student
    • No Light: reg. Full Fare
  51. IO 46s11 If the photograph background Board needs to be repaired or replaced who is notified?
    Facilities Management Division
  52. IO 46s11 Which side of face does A/O take picture of for arrested juvenile?
  53. IO46s11
    If Juvenile refuses to be photographed where does DO confer with?
    Legal Bureau
  54. IO46s11
    Where is 49 address to, to have digital Juvenile photographs be deleted from system?
    Director, Photo Services via EMail
  55. IO46s11
    What are reasons a Juvenile Delinquent arrest photographs will be printed from Photo Manageer System?
    • 1) to create and preserve a copy of a photo array
    • 2) to preserve a copy of an arrest photo ID'd by vict/witness during a mugshot photo veiwing ID procedure
    • 3) To assist in the executing of a Family Ct Warrant
    • and
    • 4)to generate a digital Prisoner Movement Slip
  56. IO46s11 To what outside agencies can Juvenile Delinquent photo's be provided?
    DA's Office, NYC Corp Counsel's Family Court Division or US Attorney Office
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