PPM Exam 2

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  1. Major trends causing change in the role of community pharmacy
    • healthcare spending in america
    • incresed script volume
    • aging population
    • healthcare reform
  2. 10% of national healthcare expenditures
  3. 30% of national healthcare expenditures
  4. 21% of national healthcare expenditures
    physician or other professional services
  5. How do payors react to increased health care costs related to pharmacy?
    lower reimbursement rates to pharmacies
  6. How do paitents react to increased health care costs related to pharmacy?
    • increased out of pocket costs
    • increased premiums and copays
  7. How do pharmacies react to increased health care costs?
    seek opportunities to provide new services and revenue streams
  8. Why does script volume increase each year?
    • more health problems are treatable today
    • new drugs that were not available 10 years ago
    • culture shift in medication acceptability
  9. ___% of prescriptions each year are not taken correctly
  10. How much does non-compliance cost the health care system each year?
    • $100,000,000,000
    • 125,000 deaths
  11. Affordable care act current changes
    • increased funding for state programs
    • $250 rebate checks for medicare gap
    • insurance for pre-existing conditions
    • 50% drug discount for rx medicare gap "donut hole"
    • Insurers must spend premiums on HC services and HC quality improvement
  12. 2012 Health care reform changes
    • standardized electronic record keeping & billing
    • integrated heath systems
    • link paymets to quality outcomes
  13. 2013 Health care reform changes
    • improve preventative health coverage
    • increased pmt for primary care physician (no less than medicare reimbursement)
    • new funding for state medicaid programs to cover preventative care at no cost
  14. 2014 Health care reform changes
    health insurance exchanges
  15. 2015 Health care reform changes
    • payment for value vs. volume
    • higher quality care recieves higher payment
  16. Other trends impacting community pharmacy
    • technology and info sharing
    • mail order
    • focus on drug safety
    • generic substitution carve out bills
    • self care
    • new corner drugstore
    • diverse population
    • medicare part B competitive bidding
  17. New perspectives for pharmacy practice
    • improve technology
    • improve safety
    • improve outcomes through services and MTM
  18. DHHS pharmacists role in immunizations
    • vaccine education and mobilization
    • vaccine distribution
    • vaccine access and administration
    • vaccine registries and tracking systems
  19. ___% of americans do not have or use a primary care physician.
  20. may prove to be the most significant catalyst in moving the pharmacy profession beyond dispensing to direct patient care
    pharmacist administered immunizations
  21. MTM services
    • enhance pt understanding and adherence
    • detect adverse events and gaps in therapy
    • mandated for medicare part d patients
  22. Impact of MTM services
    • most errors occur bc pt was not counselled
    • ensures proper medication use
    • provides foundation for measuring outcomes and value of pharmacist interaction
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