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  1. Health Care System Failures/Opportunites for improvement
    • Noncompliance
    • ADRs
    • Inefficiencies (systems that do not communicate)
    • Errors
    • Duplication of services (labs, screenings)
    • lack of communication between providers
  2. Types of quality improvements
    • continuous quality improvement
    • total quality management
    • quality circles
  3. 7 things impeding american quality transformation
    • lack of constancy of purpose
    • emphasis on short term profits
    • personal review systems
    • mobility of management
    • running a company on visible figures alone
    • excess costs for employee healthcare
    • excess costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers that work on contingency fees
  4. Reasons for implementing CQI
    • foundation for organization transformation and renewal
    • define quality
    • establish measures of customer satisfaction
    • improve measures
    • manage costs
    • increase profits
  5. CQI encourages
    • Leading
    • Coaching
    • Quality
    • Open to change
    • people as a resource
    • suspicion
    • commitment
    • customer focus
    • team
    • prevention
  6. Four principles of quality management
    • focus on the client
    • understand work as systems and processes
    • teamwork
    • focus on the use of data
  7. PDCA cycle
    Plan, Do, Check, Act
  8. Use of systems to improve quality management
    use data and stat analysis to focus on what needs to be improved
  9. 7 tools of CQI
    • pareto charts
    • scatter plots
    • control charts
    • flow charts
    • cause and effect diagrams
    • histograms
    • check sheets
  10. Pareto priniciple use
    apply initial effort for maximum results
  11. scatter plot use
    define relationship between two variables
  12. control chart use
    visualize production processes
  13. flow chart use
    enables modeling of processes to improve quality
  14. Fishbone diagram use
    demonstrate relationships
  15. Histogram or bar graph use
    quick assesment of values
  16. Healthcare specific elements of CQI
    • epidemiological studies
    • quality assurance
    • p&t committees
    • peer review
    • Risk measures and cost effectiveness analysis
  17. Applying TQM in the pharmacy practice setting
    • dispensing errors
    • patient satisfaction
    • employee turnover
    • antibiotic prophylaxis for pre-op

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