Science 7 ch 14

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  1. Skeleton
    Framework made up of all the bones in your body.
  2. Vertebrae-
    26 small bones that make up your back.
  3. -Joint
    A place in the body where 2 bones come together.
  4. Ligament-
    Strong connective tissue
  5. Cartilage-
    2nd type of connective tissue which is more flexible than bone.
  6. Compact bone-
    Hard and dense beneath the bones outer membrane.
  7. Spongy bone-
    Inside the bone and has many small spaces.
  8. -Marrow-
    The spaces in bones contain soft fluid.
  9. Osteoporosis- A condition in which the body’s bones become weaker and break easily.
    A condition in which the body’s bones become weaker and break easily.
  10. -What are the functions of the skeleton?
    They help shape, support, size, make blood cells, protect the organs, stores materials, and help us move.
  11. What role do joints play in the body?
    They enable the body to move more fluidly and easily.
  12. What are the characteristics of bone, and how can you keep your bones strong and healthy?
    To keep your bones stronger you should have lots of calcium and a good diet. Bones protect your body and allow you to move.
  13. -Cell-
    The basic unit of structure and function in a living thing.-
  14. -Cell membrane-
    The outer boundary of a cell.-
  15. Nucleus
    The control center of a cell.-Cytoplasm- The jelly-like substance containing cell structures and organelles
  16. Tissue
    A group of similar cells that perform the same function.
  17. Muscle tissue-
    Can contract or shorten.
  18. Nervous tissue
    Directs and controls the process
  19. Connective tissue-
    Provides support for the body.
  20. Epithelial tissue
    Surfaces of your body inside and out.-
  21. Organ-
    A structure that is composed of different kinds of tissue.-
  22. Organ system-
    A group of organs that work together to perform a certain function.-
  23. Homeostasis
    The body’s tendency to keep an internal balance.
  24. -Stress-
    - The reaction of your body to potentially threatening, challenging, or disturbing events.
  25. -What are the levels of organization in the body?
    The four levels are cell, tissue, organ, and organ system.
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