BJ French Revolution A-C

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  1. When was the French Revolution?
  2. What did the society of the Ancien Regime look like?
    • 1. Clergy (Priest)
    • 2. Nobles (aristocrats)
    • 3. Poor peasant farmers (90% of pop.), Bourgeousie, some rich merchants or bankers
  3. Who was priviledged or exempted from most taxes?
    Clergy and nobles
  4. Who were included in the bourgeousie?
    • Artisans
    • Lawyers
    • Teachers
    • Doctors
  5. France was _____?
  6. France spent a lot of money helping in what?
    American Revolution
  7. Clergy and nobles were exempt from taxes resulting in?
    Them not paying their fair share
  8. Corrupt tax collectors stole over ___ of the money.
  9. There many ___ ____ under the ____ ____.
    • Expensive wars
    • Sun King
  10. Why were the french companies being hurt?
    Foreign competition
  11. Why did people face starvation?
    Poor crops
  12. There was ________, ________, and ________.
    • High prices
    • Low wages
    • Unemployment
  13. What was the corvee?
    Every year for a few days you were forced to work for free
  14. _______ had to pay many hearty taxes.
    Third Estates
  15. What were the hearty taxes the Third Estate had to pay?
    • Gabelle
    • Tithe
    • Road Taxes and tolls
    • Old feudal taxes
    • Taille
  16. _____ -salt tax
  17. _____ -property on land tax
  18. What were the political causes of the French Revolution?
    • There were no personal freedoms
    • King Louis XVI had a very corrupt government
  19. What kind of ruler was King Louis XVI?
  20. ______ -sealed letters used to arrest people.
    Lettre de cachet
  21. After the Lettre de Cachet what happened to you?
    You were put in jail with trial
  22. There was no ____ equality under the law.
  23. The Estates-General didn't meet for how many years?
    175 years
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