1420 Chapter 5-Cultural and Spiritual Concepts

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  1. Miss Lee is an Asian American on the psychiatric unit. She tells the nurse, "I must have the hot ginger root for my headache. It is the only thing that will help". What meaning does the nurse attach to this statement by Miss Lee?

    A. She is being obstinate and wants control over her care
    B. She subscribes to the restoration of health through the balance of yin and yang.
    C. Asian Americans refuse to take traditional medicine for pain.
    D. She believes that ginger root has magical qualities
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  2. Miss Lee is an Asian American on the psychiatric unit. She says she is afraid that no one from her family will visit her. On what belief does Miss Lee base her statement?

    A. Many Asian Americans do not believe in hospitals
    B. Many Asian Americans do not have close family support systems
    C. Many Asian Americans believe the body will heal itself if left alone
    D. Many Asian Americans view psychiatric problems as bringing shame to the family.
  3. Joe, a Native American, appear at the community health clinic with an oozing stasis ulcer on his lower right leg. It is obviously infected, and he tells the nurse that the shaman has been treating it with herbs. The nurse determines that joe needs emergency care, but Joe staes he will not go to the ED unless the shaman is allowed to help treat him. How should the nurse handle this situation?

    A. Contact the shaman and have him meet them at the ED to consult with the attending physician.
    B. Tell Joe that the shaman is not allowed in the ED
    C. Explain to Joe that the shaman is at fault for his leg being in the condition it is in now.
    D. Have the shaman try to talk Joe into going to the ED without him

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1420 Chapter 5-Cultural and Spiritual Concepts
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1420 Chapter

Chapter 5 Cultural and Spiritual Concepts In Psychiatric/Mental Health
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