Gas Unit Review

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  1. What is the measure of average kinetic energy?
  2. Why are gasses easily compressable?
    Gas particles are very far apart
  3. What is the SI unit to measure pressure?
  4. What is standard pressure in kPa, atm and mm Hg?
    101.3 kPa, 1.0 atm, 760 mm Hg
  5. What 2 things does the KMT say that the particles of a gas do not have?
    They have no volume and no forces of attraction
  6. How is a real gas different from an ideal gas?
    Real gas particles do have a volume and weak attractive forces
  7. Under what conditions are real gases behavior most ideal?
    High temperature and low pressure
  8. A sample of which gas would be have most ideally?
    H2 or CO2 Explain Why.
    H2 because it is made up of smaller particles
  9. As the temperature of a gas sample at constant pressure increases, the ___ increases
  10. For a given volume of a gas, as the temperature increases, the pressure ____.
  11. Show the correct numeric set up to solve:
    A balloon at 25 C has a volume of 18.0 liters. If taken outside where the temperature is 3 C, what is the new volume?
    • 18.0 x 298 = V
    • 275
  12. Why must gas calculations always be done in Kelvin and not Celsius
    There are no negatives or zero in Kelvin
  13. As the temperature of a solution increases, the solubility of a gas _____
  14. Which will be more "flat", an opened can of warm soda or cold soda?
    warm soda
  15. As the pressure above a solution increases, the solubility of a gas _____
  16. When carbon dioxide dissolves in water, what is formed in the solution?
    carbonic acid ( or H2CO3)
  17. What term is defined as "when the vapor pressure of a substance is equal to the air pressure"?
    boiling point
  18. One can get water to boil at a lower temperature if the ____________
    Air pressure is lower
  19. The higher the boiling point of a substance , the _____ the intermolecular forces
  20. The process of molecules leaving the surface of a liquid is called ____.
  21. The vapor pressure of a substance changes with _____ and not the _______
    changes with temperature and not the amount
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