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  1. What are the two assumptions on inheritance?
    1 Each parent contributes equally to offspring which is correct 2 blending inheritance hereditary determinants blend in the offspring not correct
  2. Who was the fater of fenetics?
    Gergor Mendel
  3. Define Character:
    Observable physical feature
  4. Define trait:
    Form of a character
  5. What is heritable trait?
    Passed from parent to offspring
  6. What is true breeding?
    Parents with same trait produce only that trait in offspring
  7. What did mendel use to test for characters?
  8. Parental generation is what?
    P, and true breeding. Pollen from one parent was transferred to the stigma of the other parent
  9. First Filial Generation is what?
    F1 Hybrids Resulting offspring from cross of P
  10. What is second Filial generation?
    F2 Resulting offspring if F1 plants self pollinate.
  11. What si a hybrids?
    Offspring of crosses of plants with different traits.
  12. What is a monohybrid?
    F1 self pollinates to form F2 generation
  13. What is dominant?
    Only 1 of 2 parents traits appeared in F1 generation
  14. What is Recessive?
    2nd parent trait disappeared in F1 and reappeared in F2
  15. What is reciprocal crosses? Male and female contributes equally to offspring.
  16. Why isn't blending inheritance supported by Mendels crosses?
    Recessive traits reappears in F2
  17. Define gene?
    Heritable units are discrete particles
  18. What is locus?
    The genes site on chromosome
  19. What is a allele?
    One or more forms of a gene or genetic locus.
  20. Each plant has ___ for each character, one from each parent.
    2 allele
  21. Particles retain intefrity in presence of other particles does blending occur?
    No blending
  22. Presence of a particle doesn't ensure its expression why?
    Recessives aren't always expressed
  23. What is 2 copies of the same allele?
    Homozygous, dominant SS recessive ss always same letter as dominant just written lowercase.
  24. What is heterozygous?
    2 differtn alleles dominant is expressed as Ss
  25. What is a heterozygote is what?
    A heterozygote individual
  26. Phenotypes are what?
    Physical appearance of an organism
  27. Genotypes are what?
    The genetic makeup
  28. give an example of a phenotype:
    A phenotype can result from 2 different genotypes ie spherical seeds from either SS or Ss
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