Midterm Ellen PT 1

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  1. What are the 5 bones on the foot?
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    Cuboid, Talus, Calcaneous, Navicular, Cuneiforms.
  2. What exams are used to check the longitudinal and transverse arches?
    AP, Lateral and weightbearing projections.
  3. What pathology is demonstrated in AP Mortise exams?
    Pots fractures and trimalleolar fractures.
  4. For a Toe examination, how much do you angle the tube and what direction?
    10 degree cephalic
  5. For a toe examination, what is the central ray for it? Which projections are these central rays used for? ( AP, Lateral or Oblique )
    The MTP of the digit youre doing for AP and Oblique views.
  6. For digits 1, 2, and 3 of the foot (oblique), which way do you rotate it and how many degrees?
    Rotate medially 30-45 degrees.
  7. Do you angle the tube for the oblique and lateral projections of the toe?
  8. For toes 4 and 5 oblique projection, which way do you rotate your foot? How many degrees?
    Rotate laterally 30-45 degrees.
  9. For a lateral projection, where is the CR?
    • Interphalangeal Joint for the 1st toe ( IP )
    • Proximal Interphalangeal Joint for the 2nd to 5th toes ( PIP )
  10. For the AP projection of the foot, do you angle the tube? And if so how much do you angle it?
    You angle the tube 10 degrees cephalic.
  11. Where is the central ray for an AP foot?
    Base of the 3rd Metatarsal.
  12. Do you angle the tube for the oblique and lateral views of the foot?
  13. For a calcaneous, what exams are used?
    Plantodorsal and mediolateral.
  14. For a plantodorsal view of hte calcaneous, where is the CR? Do you angle the tube?
    For a plantodorsal view of the calcaneous, the central ray is at the base of the third metatarsal. You angle it 40 degrees cephalad.
  15. For a mediolateral view of the calcaneous, where ist he CR?
    1 inch brelow medial maleolous.
  16. For a calcaneous exam, what is the most important thing not to forget for positioning?
  17. For the AP view of the ankle, where is the CR located?
    The CR is located between malleolous. ( medial and lateral malleolous )
  18. For the AP mortise view of the ankle, what must you do the malleolies in order to position this exam correctly?
    You rotate the foot medially until the malleolar lines are parallel to IR.
  19. How much do you rotate the foot for the Obliquie view of the ankle?
    Rotate medially 30-40 degrees.
  20. Where is the CR for a lateral view of the ankle?
    CR is right on the malleolous.
  21. Which exams are used to see if there is ligament damage for an ankle?
    Stress views: Inversion and Eversion.
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