business 100 chapter 7 part 2

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  1. decentralized organization
    an organization in which management cosciously attempts to spread authority widely across various organization levels
  2. centralized organization
    an organization that systematically works to concentrate authority at the uppert levels of the organization
  3. span of management/span of control
    the number of workers who report directly to one manager
  4. organizational height
    the number of layers, or levels, of management in a firm
  5. wide span of control
    exists when a manager has a large number of subordinates
  6. narrow span of control (tall organization)
    exists when the manager has only a few subordinates
  7. line management position
    a part of the chain of command; it is a position in which a person makes decisions and gives orders to subordinates to achieve the goals of the organization
  8. staff management position
    a position created to provide support, advise, and expertise within an organization
  9. bureaucratic structure
    a management system based on a format framework of authority that is outlined carefully and followed precisely
  10. matrix structure
    an organizational structure that combines vertical and horizontal lines of authority, usually by superimposing product depatmentalization on a functionally deparmentalized organization
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