business 100 chapter 7 part 3

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  1. cross-funtional team
    a tam of individuals with varying specialties, expertise, amd skills that are brought together to achieve a common task
  2. cluster structure
    an organization that consists primarily of teams with no or very few underlying departments
  3. network structure
    an organization in which administration is the primary function, and most other functions are contrtacted out to other firms
  4. corporate stucture
    the inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm
  5. intrapreneur
    an emnployee who pushes an innovative idea, product, or porcess through an organization
  6. ad hoc committee
    a committee created for a spercific short-term purpose
  7. standing committee
    a relatively permanent committee charged with preforming some recurring tasks
  8. task force
    a committee established to investigate a major problem or pending decision
  9. managerial hierarchy
    the arrangement that provides increasing authorityu at higher levels of management
  10. informal organization
    the pattern of behavior and interaction that stems from personal rather than official relationships
  11. informal group
    a group created by members themselfs to acomplish goals that may or may not be relevant to an organization
  12. grapevine
    the informal communications network within an organization
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