Ch 16 classifications and diversity

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  1. Classification
    grouping together of organisms based on their similarities
  2. 2 types of classification
    taxonomy and systematics
  3. (classification) Taxonomy
    -study of classification

    -naming and identification
  4. (classification) Systematics
    -study of evolutionary relationships
  5. Carl Linnaeus (4)
    - father of taxonomy

    -devised first useful system of classification

    -based ons exual parts and appearance

    -used binomial
  6. Binomial (3)
    -2 parts to a name for each species

    -scientific name

    -often with latin or greek word
  7. (binomial) Genus (3)
    a more general name

    -comes first

  8. (binomial) Specific epithet (3)
    -comes second

    -small letter

    -sometimes referred as species
  9. Classification of Hierachy (7)






    -Specific Epithet
  10. Five kingdom system
    method to organize living things

    -begins at the largest level, Kingdom
  11. 3 categories that make up the Kingdom system
    -Internal organization of cells

    -Size of organism

    -types of nutrition
  12. (kingdom system) Internal organization of cells
    Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic
  13. Prokaryotic (5)
    -before nucleus

    -lacks organelles

    -most primitive life

    -first to evolve here on Earth

    ex) Kindom monera: bacteria
  14. Eukaryotic (4)
    -true nucleus

    -has organelles

    -evolved from prokaryotic cells

    -most living organisms
  15. (kingdom system) Size of organism (2)
    • -unicellular or single celled
    • *ex) kingdom protista: Protozoans, some algae, slime molds

  16. (kingdom system) Types of nutrition (3)


  17. (types of nutrition) Photosynthesis (2)
    -make food from the sunlight

    -Kingdom plantae: Plants
  18. (types of nutrition) Ingestive (2)
    takes food and digest it

    -kingdom animalia, Animals
  19. (types of nutrition) Absorbative (2)
    secrete enzymes to digest food externally and then digest it

    kingdom fungi
  20. five kingdom names




  21. (kingdom) Monera


    ex) archea and bacteria
  22. (kingdom) Protista


    ex) large group can overlap into other kingdoms
  23. (kingdom) Animalia


    -nutrition: ingestion of food
  24. (kingdom) fungi

    -mostly multicellular

    nutrition: absortion of food

    ex) slime molds and true fungi
  25. (kingdom) Plantae


    nutrition: most are phtosynthetic

    • ex) green, red, brown algae
    • bryophytes and tracheophytes
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