ch 27

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  1. Anatomy
    study of an organism's structure
  2. physiology
    study of functions or processes in an organism
  3. tissue
    cooperating unit of many similar cells that perform a specific function
  4. organ
    unit consisting of several tissues that together perform a specific task
  5. organ system
    unit of multiple organs that together perform a vital body function
  6. epithelial tissue
    sheets of closely packed cells that cover the surface of the body and line the internal organs
  7. connective tissue
    groups of cells that hold together and support other tissues and cushion, insulate, and connect organs
  8. nervous tissue
    tissue that transmits signals in the body in response to changes in the environment
  9. neuron
    nerve cell; basic unit of nervous tissue
  10. skeletal muscle
    voluntary muscle attached to the skeleton that allows movement of the body
  11. cardiac muscle
    involuntary muscle that causes the heart to pump blood
  12. smooth muscle
    involuntary muscle found in most organs of the body
  13. homeostasis
    internal stability or "steady state" maintained by the body
  14. hormone
    signal molecule released into the bloodstream that triggers particular responses
  15. interstitial fluid
    aqueous solution that fills the gaps between cells in a tissue
  16. integumentary system
    outer covering that physically separates the body from the external environment
  17. epidermis
    outermost layer of skin
  18. melanin
    pigmented protein that gives skin its color
  19. dermis
    layer of skin beneath and supporting the epidermis, made up mostly of fibrous connective tissue that gives the skin its strength and elasticity
  20. hypodermis
    tissue layer beneath the dermis; contains adipose tissue, a connective tissue that includes fat-storing cells and blood vessels
  21. vertebra
    segment of the backbone; encloses and protects the nerve cord
  22. cartilage
    type of connective tissue softer than bone
  23. marrow
    specialized tissue found in bone; yellow bone marrow consists of stored fat that serves as an energy reserve; red bone marrow makes cells that develop into blood cells
  24. joint
    area where one bone meets another
  25. ligament
    strong fibrous connective tissue that holds together the bones in movable joints
  26. arthritis
    group of skeletal disorders characterized by inflamed joints
  27. osteoporosis
    disorder in which bones become thinner, more porous, and more easily broken
  28. tendon
    dense connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone
  29. muscle fiber
    single, long cylindrical muscle cell containing many nuclei
  30. myofibril
    unit of muscle fiber made up of smaller units that contract
  31. sarcomere
    unit of contraction in a muscle fiber
  32. actin
    twisted, thin filament in a muscle fiber
  33. myosin
    thick filament in a muscle fiber; has bump-like projections
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