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  1. 216-09 Who does DO notify if bit by a snake?
    Poison Control Center (put on Aided)
  2. 216-05 What can CO direct use of at a scene of an EDP?
    Use of alternate means of restraint if appopriate according to circumstances
  3. 216-02 Where does CO send 2 49's, nad 2 "Employee's Notice of Injury" and the witness statement to , for a School Crossing Guard injured while performing dut?
    Deputy Director, Employment Section
  4. 216-12 Where does CO notify when school crossing guard returns to duty and every subsequent time that the Guard reports sick and returns to duty as a result of injury while performing duty?
    Employment Section
  5. 216-12 What reports does CO direct or cause to be prepared when a School Crossing Guard is injured on duty?
    • -Election of Rate of Change and or sick Leave Balance
    • -Supv's Report of Injruy (within 48 hrs)
    • -Report to Employee, Benefit Unit
  6. 216-12 Within how long does CO direct the Supv Report of Injury be prepared for a School Crossing Guard injured on duty?
    48 hrs
  7. 216-13 When is CO/Duty Capt Investigative Supervisor for LOD Aux. PO?
    If injured Aux PO dies or is likely
  8. 216-13 How many copies of Employees Notice of Injury and Witness statement-injury to member of Dept does CO fwd if Aux PO is LOD? To where?
    2 copies, to CO Aux Police Section
  9. 216-19 Who does CO designate as Cmd's AED liason?
    Training Sgt
  10. 216-04 When must a DOA's body and premise be searched in front of witness when possible?
    Lived alone or died at location other than residence
  11. 216-04 Who does the DO notify if there is a DOA?
    • PDS if suspicious, suicide, homicide
    • ME
    • Operations if susp, suicide, homicide
    • Communications if homicide/unusual
    • Floater pulled by other than Harbor
  12. 216-01 Who do you notify and where do you document an aided has a medical alert emblem?
    • Notfiy: radio Dispatcher and Amulance Attendant
    • Document on A/L Entry and Aided Report
  13. 216-06/007 If the Dr or Clinician does not show up after an hour for Mental Health removal order or KKendra's law who does DO call?
    • Mental Health Removal: Operations
    • Kendra's Law: Operations and Borough
  14. 216-01 What is done immediately when someone is unconscious in a amanhole?
    Call ESU
  15. 216-01 When do we refer someone to "LIFENET"?
    Those who are NOT a danger to themselves or others
  16. 216-04 Who is allowed to disturb a body and its effects?
    • TED the MD from DC
    • Technician/Inv from Highway AIS
    • ESU if in Transit tunnel or tracks
    • Dr, paramedics, EMT
    • Med Examiner or Asst
    • DA or asst
    • Det Bureau/Squad
    • Crime Scene Unit
  17. 216-05 How does PS request the CO/Duty Capy to a scene of a EDP?
    Through DO
  18. 216-13 Who is the Investigative Supervisor for a LOD injury or death of a APO?
    • Plt Cmd if working
    • PS is Plt Cmd unavailable
    • CO/Duty Capt if DOA or Likely
  19. 216-21 What should PS do if a building that is city owned has a carbon monoxide alarm?
    Direct Communications to notify Dept of Buildings
  20. 216-01 What is considered a routine sick at home?
    • Any residence and ID and conscious
    • No police service needed
  21. 216-01 If there is a Bicycle Rider that's SILD or DOA who must the UMOS notify?
    • P/S
    • Highway AIS
    • Det. Squad
  22. 216-04 Who do you need permission from to move a suspicious body offensive to public decency?
    ME and assigned Det
  23. 216-05 Who do you need permission of to take a EDP that is not posing immediate threat of SPI/Death , but armed, violent, or not willing to leave voluntarily?
    capt or above
  24. 216-06 Who does the RMP pick up at S/H for a) Mental Health removal order? b) Kendra's law?
    • a) Dr
    • b) Clinician
  25. 216-06/07 How long does UMOS have to remain at hospital with a)Mental Health removal order, b)Kendra's Law?
    • a) Remain until examined by psychiatrist if necessary
    • b)remain until examined by psychiatrist
  26. 216-06/07 What names go in the detail's of aided card for mental health removal order or kendra's law?
    • Mental Health Order: 1) Responding Psychiatrist
    • 2) Admitting Psychiatrist

    Kendra's Law: 1) Assigned Clinician
  27. 216-12 When does DO have to notify Operations for LOD injury to crossing guard?
    Within 24 hrs
  28. 216-12 Who fills out 2 copies of WCD 23 and who is it forwarded to for a LOD School Crossing Guard?
    Crossing Guard fills out , Patrol Supervisor gives to CO
  29. 216 Who prepares a PAR for a LOD death or injury to a APO or School Crossing Guard?
    • School Crossing Guard: Cop
    • APO: Patrol Supervisor
  30. 216-01 Who puts the notification info on an aided when q person is SILD?
    DO in notifigation section of Aided
  31. 216-0 If OC spray was used what is entered in details of aided?
    Rank , Name , Tax of each UMOS who discharged spray
  32. 216-02 Who enters additional info relating to an aided case that has already been entered into the OLAS?
    Command Clerk, using the "update" mode
  33. 216-02 If new information nis receive regarding an aided that has already been entered into the OLAS what is prepared by UMOS?
    an Aided report
  34. 216-01 Who notifies a crime victim or dependent or surviving relative of the State Crime Victim's Compensatin Program and that additional info is available at S/H, PSA, TD or on internet?
    Any UMOS who receives a report of a crime involving personal injury, death or loss of essential personal property
  35. 216-18 Who qualifies for a child window fall report?
    Child <17 yrs falls from window of any building
  36. 216-19 When can an AED be used on an aided?
    Unconscioud, Not breathing AND No Pulse
  37. 216-06/07
    Who notifies the Do upon completion of a Mental Health Removal Order or Kendra's Law?
    • Mental Health: P/S
    • Kendra's Law: UMOS
  38. 216-01 When do you accompany an aided in the back of an ambulance?
    • 3 Un's
    • UnID
    • Un Conscious
    • Unsuondmind
  39. 216-15 Who puts the name of MOS that made a notification to a relative or friend in regards to an aided case on the "Aided"?
  40. 216-12 When must the DO notify the employment section in regards to Crossing guard LOD?
    Next Business Day
  41. 216-09 When does the command clerk notify DOH regarding animal bites?
    When a human had been exposed to a rabid animal, an animal suspected of being rabid and or an animal that has bitten , scratched, or abraded a human being.
  42. 216-09 What days/times can Dept of Health, Animal bite unit be notified? after hours who is notified?
    • 0900-1700 hrs , Monday to Friday
    • After hours Poison Control Center
  43. 216-12 Who does Do give a 49 to with Command Log entry attached when a School Crossing Guard is injured LOD?
  44. 216-13 Who must DO notify for a LOD injury or death (LOD) of an Aux PO?
    • Investigating Supv
    • Operations
    • Aux PO Section Supv
    • CO members Cmd
    • CO/Duty Capt if MOS DOA or SILD
    • Borough CO if DOA
  45. 216-12/13 Who notifies the DO for a LOD injury to a) APO or b) School Crossing Guard?
    • a) UMOS
    • b) P/S
  46. 216-12/13 Who initially notifies Operations for a LOD injury to an a)APO or b)School Crossing Guard* if MOS requires hospitalization?
    • a) Aux PO: DO
    • b) School Crossing Guard: P/S * if MOS requires hospitalization
  47. 216-15 Who enteres name of det making a notification when an unidentified eprson is subsequent;y ID'd and relatives or friends are notified?
    Command Clerk
  48. 216-15 Who enters the name of Det making notification on Aided when subject is a homicide victim?
  49. 216-02 Where does copy of aided go for a CBRN/Hazma incident where substance was delivered to DEpt of Health or DEP labs?
    Pct Det Squad and fax to Intell Div, Ops Unit
  50. 216-03 Within how many days does a Det. have to prepare a DD5 for a missing person (if not closed on original report)?
    3 days
  51. 216-05 Who directs the HNT at EDP?
    Captain directs
  52. 216-05 How is the CO/DC requested at scene of EDP?
    by DO
  53. IO 20s2008 When CED needs parts replaced where is a 49 delivered to by CO?
    CO, FTS
  54. IO20s08 When is use of CED strictly prohibited?
    • To coerce or punish
    • or
    • on passive ressistor
  55. IO20s2008 When must CO/DC be the investigative supervisor for CED?
    If used in touch stun mode
  56. IO20s08Where does DO document the member assigned a CED?
    C/L and R/C next to name
  57. IO20s08 What does a trained member inspecting a CED put in A/L if inoperable?
    result of investigation, Serial # of CED and DO name
  58. IO20s08 What is the max # of times a CED can be shot at someone?
  59. IO20s08 When do we throw away CED cartridges?
    If CED missed person entirely
  60. IO20s08 What rank is the investigative supervisor for CED?
    Next higher rank above shooter
  61. IO20s08 When is CO/DC the investigative supervisor for CED?
    • 1) Touch stun incident
    • 2)person in police custody
    • 3)accidental discharge with injury
  62. IO20s08 Where does investigative supervisor for CED discharge record FTS CED # and name of FTS person notified?
    Telephone record
  63. IO20s08 If CO is investigative supervisor for CED discharge who do they fwd "Less lethal /rescue equipment report" and 49 to?
    • Chief of Dept thru channels
    • Co IAB
    • Bureau Chief concerned
    • CO TS direct
    • CO concerned
  64. 216-09 Why does DO have to telephone DOHMH regarding animal bites?
    Only for bite, scratch, abrasion or exposure to rabid or suspected rabid animal (human injury)
  65. 216-12 by when does Capt direct the supervisor's report of injury be prepared for school crossing guard injured LOD?
    within 48 hours
  66. 216-12 When does DO have to telephone employment section for school crossing guard injured LOD?
    Next business day
  67. 216-13 When is CO/DC investigative supervisor for LOD APO?
    if SILD or DOA
  68. 216-13When does APO have to send all reports to Aux Police Section for LOD death of APO?
    within 10 days
  69. 216-19 Through where does training sgt schedule AED training?
    Through Chief of Patrol RMU
  70. 216-19 How many days is training course that all MOS trained to use AED must attend?
    1 day
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