the rise of an american nation

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  1. to no longer do or enjoy sth you used to do,because you have grown older
    to outgrow sth
  2. to do sth because of another person's adviceor order, or because you have received info or had an idea
    • to act on sth
    • to act upon sth
  3. to take controle of sth
    to take charge of sth
  4. enormous, great in amount or level, or extremely good
  5. to officially say that people must pay a tax
    to levy a tax
  6. to win a victory over someone in a figh/war/competition
    to defeat
  7. describes someone who is determined to do what they want and refuses to do anything else
  8. in the end
  9. strong feelings or great energy or force
  10. to cause someone to feel very angry, shocked or upset
    to outrage
  11. to control the actions or behaviour of someone by force
    to restrain
  12. having the highest power or being completely independent
  13. easily annoyed
  14. anger about a situation that you think is wrong or not fair
    the indignation
  15. to (cause to) move far apart in different directions
    to scatter
  16. a large amount of food, goods or weapons which are kept ready for future use
    a stockpile
  17. to announce something publicly or officially
    to proclaim
  18. - used to emphasize how important or serious something is
  19. an attempt to do something
    an endeavour
  20. causing anxiety
  21. a person chosen or elected by a group to speak, vote, etc. for them, especially at a meeting
    a delegate
  22. to produce, increase or fill with sound, by vibrating objects which are near
    to resonate
  23. when you follow someone or something to try to catch them
    the pursuit
  24. to make certain something is protected from danger or risk
    to secure
  25. permission or agreement
    the consent
  26. almost not or not at all
    there is not very much of it available
  27. to write a plan letter,... that will need to be changed before it is in its finished form
    to draft
  28. to give someone something
    to endow sb with sth
  29. a very thin book that gives info about sth
    a phamphlet
  30. to get free from sth that has been limiting your freedom
    to throw off
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