ch 7 Range Equation

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  1. go return time
    or time of flight
    time from pulse creation to pulse reception
  2. time of flight and depth are
    directly related
  3. depth of reflector formula
    depth (mm) = 1.54mm/us x go return time (us) / 2
  4. 13 microsecond rule
    for every 13 us of go-return time the object is 1 cm deeper in soft tissue

    eg. 2cm = 26us
  5. prp in soft tissue
    PRP (us) = imaging depth (cm) x 13us
  6. prp and image depth relationship
    directly related
  7. prf in soft tissue
    PRF (Hz)= 77,000cm/s / imagine depth (cm)
  8. prf and imaging depth relationship
    inversely related
  9. range equation determines
    depth of reflector
  10. range
  11. range equation in soft tissue
    depth= .77 mm/us x go return time
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