ed 331 test 2 (ch 5-8)

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  1. Brown v Board of Education of Topeka
    seperate but equal thrown out
  2. common school
    public, tax-supported school. first established in Massachusetts, the schools purpose was to create a common basis of knowledge for children. it usually refers to a public elementary school
  3. de facto segregation
    segregation of racial or other groups resulting from circumstances, such as housing patterns, rather than from official policy or law
  4. de jure segregation
    segregation of racial or other groups on the basis of law, policy, or a practice designed to accomplish such segregation
  5. kalamazoo, michigan case
    1874 us supreme court decision that upheld the right of states to tax citizens in order to provide public 2ndary ed
  6. land ordinance act
    19th century federal law required newly settled territories to reserve a section of land for schools
  7. national defense ed act NDEA
    federally sponsered programs 1958 to improve science, math, & foreign language instruction in schools
  8. old deluder satan law 1647
    massachusetts colony law requiring teachers in towns of 50 families or more & that school be built in towns of 100 families or more. communities must teach children to read so that they can read the Bible and thwart satan
  9. plessy v ferguson
    separate but equal
  10. 2nd generation segregation
    when a schools multiracial populations are separated through tracking, extracurricular activities, & even informal social events, the social is considered to be in 2nd-generation segregation
  11. 10th amendment
    est that areas not specifically mentioned in the constitution as fed responsibilities are left to state authority. since ed is not mentioned, each state is free to create its own school system
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