Advanced Loss Adjusting

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  1. List the steps to follow in reading a liability policy in light of a claim made against that policy
    • 1) review declarations
    • 2) who qualifies as an insured
    • 3) review insuring agreements
    • 4) do exclusions apply?
    • 5) Do exceptions to the exclusions apply?
    • 6) how do plicy definitions for special terms modify coverage
    • 7) how are limits of insurance to apply
    • 8) endorsements affect coverage
    • 9) deductible
    • 10) policy conditions under review? any breaches?
  2. what is the difference between libel and slander?
    traditionally libel is when a damageing statement is published and slander is from a spoken word
  3. Manitoba: who insures, can sue? what for?
    • 1)governemnt
    • 2) cannot sue
  4. Newfoundland: who insures, sue? what for?
    • private insurers
    • 2) accident benefits optional first party
    • 3) can sue
    • 4) economic loss in excess of no-fault benefits
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