CMST Deception

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  1. Deception –
    violates both relational and conversational rules and is often considered a negative violation of expectations. It can harm our relationships.
  2. Lies –
    Eckman defines as a one person intending to mislead another, doing so deliberately, without prior notification and without being asked to do so.
  3. Two types of lies:
    • Benevolent – lies meant to “help” the other person; preserve the relationship
    • Malicious – lies intended to harm another individual
  4. ·
    is when the liar withholds some information without actually saying anything untrue
  5. Falsifying –
    an additional step is taken. The liar withholds true information but also presents false information
  6. Equivocation –
    indirect or ambiguous statement. Instead of saying you hate your friend’s hair, you might say “it’s the latest style”
  7. Exaggeration –
    overstate or exaggerate the truth
  8. Understatement –
    minimize the truth or downplay it
  9. When there is a choice in how to lie, people prefer
    concealing to falsifying Why?
    • It’s easier
    • Its seems less responsible
    • It is much easier to cover up or save face if discovered
  10. Motives for Lying
    Partner-focused, Self-focused, Relationship-focused
  11. Partner-focused –
    don’t want to hurt feelings or to help person maintain self-esteem
  12. Self-focused –
    want to enhance or protect our own self image
  13. Relationship-focused –
    limit relationship harms or conflicts
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