Chapter 7 Managing Conflict (Multiple-Choice)

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  1. 31) The bottom line about conflict is (1) it stimulates innovation and encourages personal involvement, (2) it stifles innovation and encourages political game playing that results in cynicism, and (3) it sparks creativity. Which statements are correct?
    Only statements 1 and 3 are correct.
  2. 32) What does research suggest about conflict?
    Conflict in the group causes the group's performance to improve and group members feel uncomfortable with it.
  3. 33) Which of the following is not one of the "rules of engagement" for effective conflict management?
    Work with less information
  4. 34) The four sources of conflict are (1) personality-defect, (2) informational deficiency, (3) role incompatibility, and (4) environmental stress. Which sources are correct?
    All are correct except source 1.
  5. 35) Which source of conflict is one of the more difficult to resolve?
    Personal differences
  6. 36) You recently hired individuals from China, Japan, and Korea to your office. What type of interpersonal conflict would be most likely?
    Personal differences
  7. 37) You manage individuals from many different countries and cultures. A manager remarks, "Well, they may be from different cultures but within the organization there is only one culture you need to worry about, the organization's culture." How should you respond to this statement?
    You should disagree with the statement made by the manager.
  8. 38) In trying to determine a course of action, it becomes apparent that part of the team had used data supplied by the VP of Finance whereas others on the team had their data supplied from the VP of Marketing. What was a likely source for this conflict?
    Informational deficiency
  9. 39) How can disagreements between line and staff generally be resolved?
    The mediation of a common superior
  10. 40) What would conflicts between people in the production and sales departments likely be based on?
    Role incompatibility
  11. 41) Downsizing encourages which type of interpersonal conflict?
    Environmental stress
  12. 42) Budget fights (people must do more with less) introduce which source of conflict into the situation?
    Environmental stress
  13. 43) Which statement is true about conflict stemming from uncertainty about the work environment due to rapid, repeated change?
    This is intense and dissipates quickly as the change becomes routine.
  14. 44) The problem is likely to be resolved. Also, all parties involved are committed to the solution and satisfied that they have been treated fairly. You probably utilized which conflict approach?
  15. 45) The facade is that this conflict response style appears to accomplish a great deal; however, in the long run, the hostility and resentment this approach creates quickly reverses what was accomplished in the short term. Which conflict style is this?
  16. 46) If you care more about the relationship than the issue, what conflict response would you most likely use?
  17. 47) If the norm in the office is "to go along to get along," which conflict response is being utilized?
  18. 48) You believe your new co-worker, Greg, has taken advantage of you in a conflict resolution setting. What approach to resolving conflicts are you most likely to have used?
  19. 49) You have been arguing with co-workers about a policy. If your boss accuses you of undermining the harmony of the group, which conflict response is he/she probably practicing?
  20. 50) What does repeated use of the avoiding response to conflict management lead to?
    Frustration, because issues do not get resolved
  21. 51) Interpersonal problems don't get resolved, resulting in high levels of frustration. You probably used which approach to resolve conflicts?
  22. 52) Participants become conditioned to seek expedient, rather than effective, solutions. You are probably using which approach to resolve conflict?
  23. 53) Your company is downsizing. If you advocate a plan to lay off employees equally from each department (10 percent from marketing, 10 percent from production, etc.), which response to conflict are you using?
  24. 54) Which statement is a possible rationale for using the compromising approach to conflict management?
    Prolonged conflicts distract people from their work and engender bad feelings so you ask both parties to make sacrifices to move forward.
  25. 55) If subordinates are continually told to "split the difference," what may they conclude?
    That their manager encourages game playing and that what they should really do is ask for twice as much as they need
  26. 56) Which approach is the only conflict management strategy that resolves the problem, the only one that is viewed as win-win?
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