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  1. Cassar
    annul, cancel, repeal
  2. Recear
    to fear, dread
  3. Aborrecer (se)
    • to bother, annoy
    • (transitive vern)
    • "encher o saco"
  4. Confiar
    to confide, trust, believe
  5. Espiar
    to spy
  6. Vangloriar
    to puff up, praise, flatter
  7. Adiar
    to postpone, defer, waive, adjourn
  8. Casar
    to marry, wed
  9. Caçar
    to hunt
  10. Pular
    to leap, jump
  11. Enroscar
    • to twine, twist
    • wind around "um abraço forte"
  12. Puxar
    to pull
  13. Carregar
    to carry
  14. Empurrar
  15. Pendurar
    • to hang
    • (colocar, prender)
  16. Concertar
    to harmonize, reconcile, agree
  17. Consertar
    • to fix, to fix up
    • (reparar, arranjar, concertar)
  18. Arranjar
    • to arrange
    • (arrumar)
  19. Arrumar
    arrange, dispose, settle, tidy up, pack a suitcase, to organize
  20. Aprender
    to learn
  21. Apreender
    to arrest
  22. Agir
    to act, to pretend, to behave
  23. Atirar
    to shoot, to fire, to gun for, to pitch
  24. Cumprimentar
    to complement, to greet, to take a bow
  25. Reclamar
    to nag, to complain, to fuss
  26. Debater
    to debate
  27. Afastar
    to deviate, to stand back, to avert, stray, to ditch
  28. Ferir
    to hurt, injure, to strike
  29. Vingar
    to avenge, revenge
  30. Julgar
    judge, try, pass sentence on; suppose, imagine, deem, conclude; criticize, censure
  31. Amenizar
    soften, ease, aleviate
  32. Apanhar
    to pick-up, gather, catch (agarrar/pegar)
  33. Arranjar
  34. Concertar
    harmonize, reconcile, agree
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