The Chemical Industry

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  1. What are the stages involved in the development of a new process?
    • Research
    • Pilot study
    • Scaling-up
    • Production
    • Review
  2. The raw materials used in the chemical industry are used as a source of ...?
  3. The manufacturing of a product may be organised as a ______ process or as a _______ process?
    batch or continuous
  4. What types of costs are involved in the chemical industry? Give an example of each.
    • Capital costs - the building
    • Fixed costs - salaries, rates
    • Variable costs - raw materials, cost of the distribution of the finished product
  5. A chemical manufacturing process usually involves a sequence of steps, where ________ is a priority and process conditions are chosen to make most _______, by using ______ efficiently?
    • safety
    • profit
    • energy
  6. What are some of the factors that influence the choice of a particular route in the chemical industry?
    • Availability and suitability of feedstock(s)
    • Yield of product(s)
    • Opportunities for recycling of reactants
    • Marketability of by-products
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