Week 3 Definitions

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  1. Corpus Delicti
    The body of the crime, facts constituting or proving a crime was committed.
  2. Venue
    The county or locality in which the cause of action may be tried, usually where a crime is committed or place of the trial.
  3. Jurisdiction
    The power to hear and determine a case. May be over subject matter or over the person accused.
  4. Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
    Proof of such character that an ordiary and prudent person would be willing to rely and act upon it in the most importance of his own affairs.
  5. Reasonable Suspicion
    A combination of observed facts, with reasonable inferences from those facts, which would justify the officers belief that the person stopped has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime.
  6. Inference
    A deduction from the facts given, which is usually less than certainty but which may be sufficient to support a finding of a fact.
  7. Burden of Proof
    Every person accused of an offense is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the burden of proof is upon the prosecution.
  8. Judicial Notice
    The rule that a court will accept some things as common knowledge without proof of fact.
  9. False Arrest
    Consists in the unlawful restraint of the liberty of a person. No actual force is necessary.
  10. Frisk
    Limited search of a person consisting of the pat-down of outer clothing to feel for hard objects which may be weapons; based on reasonable suspicion that the officer believes his safety or the safety of others may be in danger.
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