Week 1 Definitions

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  1. Force
    Any violence, compulsion, or constraint physically exerted by any means upon or against a person or thing.
  2. Deadly Force
    Any force which carries a substantial risk that it will proximately result in death of any person.
  3. Risk
    A significant possibility, as contrasted with a remote possibility, that a certain result may occur or that certain circumstance may exist.
  4. Substantial Risk
    A strong possibility, as contrasted with a remote or significant possibility, that a certain circumstance may exist.
  5. Property
    Any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, and any interest or license in such property.
  6. Physical Harm to Persons
    Any injury, illness or physiological impairment, regardless of its gravity or duration.
  7. Physical Harm to Property
    Any tangible damage to property, in any degree results in loss to its value or interferes with its use or enjoyment. Does not include wear and tear occasioned by normal use.
  8. Serious Physical Harm to Persoms
    • Any mental illness or condition of such gravity as would normally require hospitalization or prolonger psychiatric treatment.
    • Any physical harm which carries a substantial risk of death.
    • Any physical harm which involves some permanent incapacity, whether partial or total, or which involves some temporary, substantial incapacity.
    • Any physical harm which involves acute pain of such duration as to result in substantial suffering, or which involves any degree of prolonger or untractable pain.
  9. Serious Physical Harm to Property
    • Any physical harm to property which either:
    • 1. Results in substantial loss to the value of the property, or requires a substantial amount of time, effort, or money to repair or replace.
    • 2. Temporarily prevents the use or enjoyment of property, or substantially interferes with its use or enjoyment for an extended period of time.

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