Week 2 Definitions

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  1. Culpable
    Blameable; censurable, implies fault rather than guilt.
  2. Purposely
    Specific intention to cause a certain result.
  3. Knowingly
    Aware that conduct will probably cause a certain result.
  4. Recklessly
    Disregards a known risk that is likely to cause a certain result.
  5. Negligently
    Substantial lapse of due care in avoiding a risk which may cause a certain result.
  6. Crime
    Any act which is injurious to the public, forbidden by law and punishable by law.
  7. Arrest
    To deprive a person of his liberty by legal authority; for the purpose of holding him to answer a criminal charge or civil demand.
  8. Probable Cause
    More than mere suspicion but less than proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
  9. Stop
    Temporarily detain someone in order to determine whether probable cause exists to arrest.
  10. Contact
    Face-to-face communication between an officer and a citizen where the citizen is free to leave if he wishes.
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