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wheelocks chapter

wheelocks chapter 3
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    • Field, farm
    • Ager, agri, m.
  1. Farmer
    Agricola, agricolae, m.
  2. Friend
    Amicus, amici, m. OR Amica, amicae, f.
  3. Woman
    Femina, feminae, f.
  4. Daughter
    Filia, filiae, f. Note dat and abl pluralform of filiabus to distinguish from that of son
  5. Son
    Filius, filii
  6. Number
    Numerus, numeri, m.
  7. The people, a people, a nation
    Populus, populi, m.
  8. Wisdom
    Sapientia, sapientiae, f.
  9. Man, hero
    Vir, viri, m.
  10. Greedy, avaricious, adj
    Avarus, avara, avarum
  11. A few, few
    Pauci, paucae, pauca
  12. Roman
    Romanus, Romana, Romanum
  13. Down from, from, concerning, about
    De, prep w abl; as prefix down, away, aside, out, off
  14. In, on
    In, prep w abl; as prefix, same meaning
  15. Today
  16. To have, hold, possess; consider, regard
    Habeo, habere, habui, habitum
  17. To satisfy, sate
    Satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatum
  18. Little book
  19. No
    Nullus, nulla, nullum
  20. Abundance, supply
    Copia, copiae, f
  21. To hold, maintain
    Teneo, tenere

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