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    • Love, noun
    • Amor, amoris, m.
  1. Song, poem
    Carmen, carmenis, n.
  2. State, citizenship
    Civitas, civitatis, f.
  3. Body
    Corpus, corporis, n.
  4. Human being, man
    Homo, hominis, m.
  5. Labor, work, toil; a work, production
    Labor, laboris, m.
  6. Letter of the alphabet
    Littera, litterae, f.
  7. Letters, books, literature
    Litterae, litterarum, f.
  8. Habit, custom, manner
    Mos, moris, m.
  9. Habits, morals, character
    Mores, morum, m.
  10. Name
    Nomen, nominis, n.
  11. Peace
    Pax, pacis, f.
  12. Queen
    Regina, reginae, f.
  13. King
    Rex, regis, m.
  14. Time; occasion, opportunity
    Tempus, temporis, n.
  15. Earth, ground, land, country
    Terra, terrae, f.
  16. Wife
    Uxor, uxoris, f.
  17. Maiden, virgin
    Virgio, virginis, f.
  18. Manliness, courage; excellence, character, worth, virtue
    Virtus, virtutis, f.
  19. New, strange, adj
    Novus, nova, novum
  20. After, behind prep
    Post, prep w acc.
  21. Under, up under, close to, down to/into, to/at the foot of, prep
    Sub, prep w abl.
  22. To dare
    Audeo, audere, aususnsum
  23. To murder, kill
    Neco, necare, necavi, necatum
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