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    • First person reflexive pronouns
    • No nom no nom
    • Mei nostri
    • Mihi nobis
    • Me nos
    • Me nobis
  1. Second person reflexive pronouns
    • No nom
    • Tui vestri
    • Tibi vobis
    • Te vos
    • Te vobis
  2. Third person reflexive pronouns
    • No nom
    • Sui
    • Sibi
    • Se
    • Se
    • Sing and plur identical
  3. Reflexive possessive adjectives, first person sing
    • Meus, mea, meum
    • Tuus, tua,mtuum
    • Noster, nostra, nostrum
    • Vester, vestra, vestrum
    • Suus, sua, suum
  4. Ipse, ipsa, ipsum
    • Follows pattern od demonstratives in gen and dat sing
    • Used as an intensifier
    • Translate as the very, the actual, himself, herself, itself, etc.
  5. Riches, wealth
    Divitiae, divitiarum, f
  6. Deed, act, achievement
    Factum , facti, n
  7. Sign, signal, indication, seal
    Signum, signi, n
  8. The very, the actual, itself, herself, himself, etc
    Ipse, ipsa, ipsum
  9. Each one, each person, each thing, indefinite pronoun
    Quisque, quidque, gen. cuiusque, dat. cuique
  10. Taught, learned, skilled
    Doctus, docta, doctum
  11. Fortunate, happy, blessed
    Fortunatus, Fortunata, fortunatum
  12. Reflexive possessivr adjective, third person
    Suus, sua, suum
  13. For, conj.
  14. Prep. Before, in front of; adv. before, previously
    Ante, plus acc.
  15. Through
    Per, Prep with acc
  16. By, with reflexive pronoun
  17. Once, long ago, formerly; someday, in the future. adv
    Olim, adv
  18. To nourishm support, sustain, increase; cherish
    Alo, alere, alui, altum, 3
  19. To esteem, love
    Diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectum, 3
  20. To join
    Iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctum, 3
  21. Tonstand, stand still, stand firm
    Sto, stare, steri, statum, 1
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