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    • Third declension, i-stem citizen
    • Civis cives
    • Civis civium
    • Civi civibus
    • Civem cives
    • Cive civibus
    • Civis cives
  1. Third decl, i-stem nubes
    • Nubes nubes
    • Nibis nubium
    • Nubi nubibus
    • Nubem nubes
    • Nube nubibus
    • Nubes nubes
  2. Third decl, i-stem base in 2 consonants
    • Urbs urbes
    • Urbis urbium
    • Urbi urbibus
    • Urbem urbes
    • Urbe urbibus
    • Urbs urbes
  3. Third decl, i-stem, neuter in -e, -al, -ar
    • Mare maria
    • Maris marium
    • Mari maribus
    • Mare maria
    • Mari maribus
    • Mare maria
  4. Third decl, irreg - vis
    • Vis vires
    • (vis) virium
    • (Vi) viribus
    • Vim vires
    • Vi viribus
    • Vis vires
  5. Hints to tell an i-stem
    • 1. Masc and fem nouns - most have a nom form ending in -lois or -es and the same number of syllables in both nom and gen forms; ex. Hostis, hostis, m. Enemy; navis, navis, f. Ship
    • 2. Masc also but mostly fem nouns with a nom sing in -s or -x, which have a gase ending in 2 consonants; ex. Ars, artis, f. Art, skill; dens, dents, m. Tooth
    • 3. Neuternouns w a nom in -al, -ar, -e. Have the i in the gen plur but also in the nom, acc and voc plur; ex. Animal, animalis, n. Animal
  6. Living creature, animal
    Animal, animalis, n. An i-stem
  7. Water
    Aqua, aquae, f.
  8. Art, skill
    Ars, artis, f. I-stem
  9. Ear
    Auris, auris, f. I-stem
  10. Gold
    Aurum, auri, n.
  11. Citizen
    Civis, civis, m or f. i-stem
  12. Right, justice, law
    Ius, iuris, n
  13. Sea
    Mare, maris, n. I-stem
  14. Death
    Mors, mortis, f. I-stem
  15. Cloud
    Nubes, nubis, f. I-stem
  16. Mouth, face
    Os, oris, n.
  17. Part, share; direction
    Pars, partis, f. I-stem
  18. Rome
    Roma, romae, f
  19. Uproar, disturbance; Crowd, mob, multitude
    • Turba, turbae, f.
    • Doesnt always have negative connotations like mpb dpes in english
  20. City
    Urbs, urbis, f i-stem
  21. Force, power, violence; in plur - strength
    Vis, vis, f - irreg i stem
  22. Strength
    Vires, virium, f irreg i-stem
  23. Away from, from; by, prep
    • A, ab. Use w ablative.
    • By indicates personal agent.
  24. Across, prep
    Trans, with acc
  25. To soeak to, address
    Appello, appellare, appellavi, appelalaum, 4
  26. To run, rush, move quickly
    Curro, currere, cucurri, cursum, 3
  27. To change, alter; exchange
    Muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatum, 4
  28. To hold, keep; restrain
    Teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum, 2
  29. To hold together, contain, keep, enclose, restrain
    Contineo, continere, continui, contentum, 2
  30. To avoid, shun
    Vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatum, 4
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