design principles

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  1. Know who you are designing for
    • Graphic design is a process of communicating with others.
    • People make differing interpretations of images, that is, they read different messages into the images we present them with.
  2. Create impact
    • Graphic design needs to create a strong first impression if users are to be encouraged to spend more than a few milliseconds looking at your design.
    • Often ‘less is more’ and one of the skills of graphic design is to distil text and imagery down to the bare essentials.
  3. Build in usability and value
    • Impact is of little value if your viewers can’t make use of the detail in your piece of graphic design. Good design has ‘stickability’ – people find it attractive, they want to look at it in detail to find out more.
    • As the designer you are in control. You can unify or separate. You can dictate the focus for attention. You can influence the way people ‘read’ your design.
  4. All rules can be broken!
    • There is no magic formula for successful graphic design.
    • Selectively breaking the rules can give rise to innovative and stimulating new ideas.
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The principles of graphic design
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